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  1. I had an idea for a potion a while ago: Potion idea: "One Man Army" Effects: I decided to give the potion some drawbacks so it will not be too OP Pros: Knock back reduction by 100% while potion is active 3 hearts generated per every .5 second(s) while potion is active All potions that cause speed reduction, damage, poisoning, and etc. are nullified while the potion is active Food bar is replenished to completely (if not already full) and is kept full while potion is active Constant sprint while potion is active Lava damage is nullified while potion is active Oxygen stays completely full while potion is active All weapons (any thing (hands, block, and etc.)) deal 500 damage (in hearts) while potion is active Cons: You are stuck with a pumpkin on your head to limit sight while potion is active "Night Vision" potion will be completely disabled while potion is active Opacity setting will be grayed out to prevent cheating while potion is active No torches, jackle lanterns, glow stone or any light source can be placed while potion is active Redstone disabled while potion is active Water/Lava buckets disabled while potion is active Mining a block will take 20 seconds longer to mine regardless of the tool (except obsidian which cannot be mined at all) while potion is active The potion will not work while fighting the "Ender Dragon", All of the above will last for 15 minutes: To craft it you'll need to have: [undecided] Finally after the potions effects wear off if it is day than it will go to night and 6 creepers, 6 spiders, and 6 spider jockeys will spawn behind you - sprint effect will be active for 20 seconds so you get a head start and you have 5 seconds of invincibility (no damage taken at all).
  2. I know that they did not just come up with the idea and make it in the same day. However I am inclined to think that working with such an old engine would be easier than todays.
  3. Criticize it all you want but running a game (that is fun and very fast paced) perfectly feels great.
  4. Well despite it being so old I have to say it feels amazingly good running on at a constant 60FPS.
  5. is the Quake 2 engine good to start tinkering with? the one thing I loved to death while playing this game was because of how smooth things went.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew (or could tell me how to tell) what the game "30 Flights Of Loving" was programmed in. It has a blocky look to it (forget the term but whatever) here's a screenshot so you understand... Anyway what programming language do you think it was made in? the reason I ask is because well I just want to know.
  7. Sorry for being rude. Anyway what exactly is Soluto suppose to do differently? it looks like a repackaged form of startup programs (via MSCONFIG).
  8. What do you mean nice try? I have no reason to lie. My computer boots up in 7 seconds flat. I guess you guys are just loading you computers with bloatware and Sacrieur Fat's are not going away anytime time soon. We still have CD's which have been around since 1982. It is kind of sad seeing people will throw money at anything just because it is faster (and the life span is absolute sh*t compared to the old). Just a bunch of impatient pricks.
  9. Really you can't wait 7 damn seconds? (that is starting up from a Fat HD)
  10. Sorry but I have to disagree. The SSD has got to be the biggest waste of money anyone coul get. Pros of an SSD: Faster (one of its main selling points) Eco Friendly (maybe) Compact Cons of an SSD: Life Span is terrible (1 to 2 years max) Expensive (for the amount you pay for the space) Pros of an [Fat] HD: More space for the money (I think 1.5TB to 2TB costs maybe $100 to $110) Life Span is good (my 1TB (primary) and 2TB (secondary) are going 3 years strong) - most of my fat HD's last 6 years plus as long as you buy a decent brand and take care of it. Cons of a [Fat] HD: More damage prone (if you drop it there is a good chance you have just murdered it) Fat they are big and take up space. Slower (on the flip side: my computer boots into Windows in 7 seconds and is ready) Final thoughts: granted they both have there PROS and CONS but at the end of the day the [Fat] HD is more cost effective and overall better in my opinion.
  11. I have an AMD Phenom II X4 955 @3.20GHz, 8GB DDR3 ram, and a Nvidia GeForce GT430. It works great for Minecraft but the GPU is not that good at all... however MC (technic) runs well with the extra ram. I would say spring for more ram. Also just out of curiosity what FPS are you getting in MC?
  12. The server mod. acted like a complete dirt bag towards me when I asked him one question. He just called me "gay" over and over again not a good server at all.
  13. I think it would be best to have no border because it would be a pain to have to deal with depletion of resources... also borders just make everything bad imo.
  14. I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a while. I am a big fan of little touches to make Minecraft in general look better. Like the food icons that bounce up and down or the health regen animation (video). Anyway getting to the point: I would like to see a mod. that when ever you're health is low (2 hearts or less) the screen slowly transitions to Black/White Mode (Monochrome Vision) and tunnel vision will set in (when the corners of the screen are black). Food will on screen will have a white glow around it to help the player notice it. A lot of this idea is inspired from by how L4D does it.
  15. Forum: please don't crucify me for saying this. I am not in a rush to upgrade to 1.4.x I mean really... technic if you look past the occasional crashes and bugs overall it seems fine to me as it is. I am actually annoyed that the SP and MP are getting merged. I don't know why the MC dev. team wants me to jump for joy because my computer has to run twice as hard. Emyi: