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  1. Got another crash report?
  2. From a quick glance, your problem seems to be with the HUDini thing you are trying to use. I'd suggest removing whatever that is and trying again.
  3. That would be because on the server cheat mode is disabled. What you want is what planetguy suggested. 1) In the inventory screen there is an options button in the bottom left. Click it. 2) This will bring up NEI global options. The top right box will say cheat mode. Click it until it says recipe mode. 3) Press done.
  4. If you're clicking on the items in the right hand column, that's not how you make items. That's NEI, an interface for getting item recipes by pressing "r" over an item, or instantly obtaining a stack of said item by left clicking. You haven't given enough information for anyone trying to troubleshoot, so this is the only thing I can assume is going on.
  5. Wow, yeah that's a great idea. It should only work if you log in once with a connection though. Wow Kaker, you really should of thought of this a long time ago, what kind of self-respecting launcher doesn't have offline support?
  6. I'll cIarify, I get by ok in public match making (11 wins 9 losses) but by no means would I call myself an above average player in terms of skill.
  7. Just signed up, I feel like I'm fairly competent in pugs at level 2 but hey, its my first dota-style game and I probably still suck.
  8. The Chinese one I'll give you, I had to google translate that one. The Japanese however, I did on my own. Any self respecting anime fan will recognize the romanji, Urusai baka yarou = うるさいばかやろう = shut up idiot. Fun fact, there are no "cuss words" in hiragana, they use katakana for all that westerner nonsense.
  9. The nearest blunt object being the cold, cruel, puppy-hating, non-gay rights supporting, modpack thieving heart o' Kaker that comes free with the sensor, correct?
  10. But take a second to imagine it. . . TEKKIT (Better with Kinect!)
  11. I have a feeling you shouldn't be paying your "devs" if none of them can put together permissions that work.
  12. Oh I wouldn't be too sure about that. When EA starts asking people to stop advertising their game you know things are starting to get serious.
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