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  1. Kakan someone got in my tree, took all the signs off all my chests and stole every colored tree I had gathered since I started playing. Im sure other stuff is gone too but I cant name it. Someone also harvested all my potatoes and replanted them so that's no biggie, but the trees missing, things stolen from my base pisses me off. Anything you can do about it please? Oh, my couches are gone as well... I'm trying to make it a Town again so hopefully I will be protected from this point, but I thought a whitelisted server... I assume you don't put up with thievery.
  2. Heheheh, well you know what we used to say when we played EQ and Wow... A family that raids together, stays together!
  3. I am applying for both myself and my husband. First me: IGN: Sirennea Played MC/BTeam: About a year for MC and 6 months? Bteam How often played: Daily Age: 43 Other Info: We are looking for a server where there are no bans and we can play friendly with others on the server and have fun without having to deal with the drama of the open servers or massive lag/rules they incur. Hubs: IGN: Sherkhann Played MC/BTEAM: MC about 2 years, Bteam 6 months? How often played: Daily Age 50 Other info: He watches tons of YouTubers like Keralis, BDoubleOO, and I forget the name of the oth
  4. IGN: Sirennea Age: Old Fav Mod: Witchery Playstyle: Run around, explore, pick flowers, plant colored trees, build cute houses.
  5. IGN: Sirennea Age: Quite old compared to the rest of the apps I see lol Why joining? Want a small but helpful community feel to a server. Explore/Build/Craft? Builder I suppose, it's all about the house. What do I expect? Uptime, no map resets for a while, helpful ops that actually play on their server. Recording? Not at this time, maybe in the future. Donate? Same as above. Good at building? With a floor plan yes. I copy stuff extremely well then expand on ideas. Knowledge? Eh limited, but it looks fun! Wolf or Lion? Wolf of course.
  6. IGN Sirennea Age 33 Looking for a small community to play in that is helpful and friendly. I applied last week I am assuming I didn't make the cut because I did not post my actual age. Hope to see you soon!
  7. Hi Sirennea here. Im quite old LOL. The reason I want to play on your server is I enjoy a small tight knit community effort and this sounds like exactly what I am looking for!
  8. Hi Sirennea here. Im quite old LOL. The reason I want to play on your server is I enjoy a small tight knit community effort and this sounds like exactly what I am looking for!
  9. Sirennea Age: Old Why play on this server? Looking for a small but nice server to make friends and have fun playing the new pack! I like to build pretty houses, pick flowers, cut down colored trees, and hopefully lots of other things! I don't like the very tech side of some MC mod packs. Exp with the pack: 2? What is love? Elusive Squirtile or Pickachu: um naw
  10. Hi, I'm Sirennea, an Explorer. I think the furniture and new abilities with painting and blocks will be my favorite thing to do as well as build a cool airship. Age: Old No Channel.. I watchem, not makem. =)
  11. Krypt tried to log in this morning, says Im not on the whitelist... server down?
  12. I missed the Factions part of the post. Never played on a server with that plugin before. Seriously why do server owners put ads up for "mature" servers and then tell you to ignore the kids having a cussing match and trying to see how many people they can harass? I just pointed out I was on there this morning, there was NO staff and it was NOT a mature environment. I wasn't impressed this morning. No big deal. Not everyone is going to give your server rave reviews. Don't worry I wont be back. This is Minecraft after all.
  13. Andar, definitely not looking to make you into the bad guy. You have been very helpful to me on every occasion save yesterday(edit- you were helpful just showing up and looking- I was irritated my stuff poofed not with you ) and I truly do appreciate it. I was quite irritated about the disappearance of the materials on me that were allocated for those solar panels. I will log in and RECHECK my inventory though just to be absolutely certain. I realize I may have had enough materials for 3 more panels, but I use my resources very carefully still as I don't have an abundance of anything just yet.
  14. Beautiful spawn. Unfortunately once again no staff online to moderate. Also the rules state there is no grief protection in the mining world... Sorry that would be a deal breaker for me.
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