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  1. If you have a premium Minecraft account, and you type in your username and password correctly, you will get in. I suggest typing your password into notepad first, to make sure you aren't making a mistake. Copy and paste the password from notepad into the Technic launcher. If it still doesn't work, try logging in at Minecraft.net. If you can't log into Minecraft.net, Technic isn't the problem. Also, is this only happening on Hexxit, or on all Minecraft things?
  2. Real men get creepers to blow up their trees.
  3. Oh no! Girl hacked into Cheap Shot's account! She must be working with Jorcer, the hacker viking sitting on a subway bench!
  4. Did anyone else notice the Thief is stealing the diamonds in "Conquer" and sneaking off? Also I think I saw somewhere in here that people were asking about the constellations (possibly jokingly). The TechnicPack Hexxit page and the Hexxit page have different constellations. On the TechnicPack front page, you can see the characters in the constellations. (Obviously plenty people already know this, just pointing it out for those who were trying to find some deeper meaning in them.)
  5. And here is that list alphabetized for convenience: armorbar asgardshield backpacks backtools battletowers betterdungeons bibliocraft buffbar chococraft Custom lanport damage indicators Dimensional Doors enchantig plus Extra Biomes XL felsh to leather harken scythe Imibis microblocks infernal mods Inventory Tweaks Legend gear Mapwriter Meteormod More Bows Natura Not enough items obsidian plates Offlawn Pam's harvestcraft Project Zulu Ruins Soulshards tinkers construct Trecapitator Twilightforest Wildcaves 3 Xreliquary
  6. JakeVH

    Texture glitches

    Ok, thanks for the reply. I'll try removing it and see if that fixes it.
  7. I can see some floating black islands in the sky, that disappear when I look directly at them and spin around me without me moving. I assume they're the place you go when you walk though the stone pillars, but I don't know why they spin around me, or why I can even see them. Again, it's not a bug report, I just think it's weird.
  8. Title: Texture glitches Version: 0.5.1 OS: Linux, ubuntu 64 or something Java Version: 64, I assume because I don't get an error with far render distance. Description of Problem: When I log on to Minecraft, and go into my world, things are fine. After a while, my chests lost their bottom half, leaving only their top half and buckle. If I quit and restart Minecraft, the texture will be fine, but later a different part might disappear, for example the buckle or the top half. Cows and my skin get a different problem. The cows and my skin appear to be using the whole texture file as a skin file, instead of the correct skin files. I'm almost certain I've messed something up. I have installed Optifine, and I have updated the lwjgl thing because my mouse was bugging out, and it has worked fine. If I have missed anything or more information is needed, I will supply. Don't worry, I know I'm an idiot at this sort of thing Error Messages: N/A Error Log: [/s] [s]N/A[/s] [s] Thank you Industrial Miner, that seems to have fixed it. Shame I can't have Optifine though.
  9. That which references an angel becomes itself an angel. OH SHI-
  10. Maybe you should download it for yourself and see. We can't predict if you'll have problems, and if we say "yes it's stable" we could be wrong if you get a crash (from human error). I haven't used it, but I would assume that it is since it's been out a while without any major "no one can get it to work" problems.
  11. Ah. Putting "Hi, blah blah here and..." at the front would be better.
  12. JakeVH


    Full pumpkin and melon stems delete it without doing anything. Full wheat might also do that, but I can't remember.
  13. Ghostblind is banned for not being able to see.
  14. Wait, what? I've been installing ducks into my Technic launcher since I got it! I haven't had a single problem beyond my worlds getting wiped every few weeks. Well, I supposed there has been a noticeable lack of ground beneath my feet, but that's probably just the Technic launcher itself.
  15. I think it would have been better with more ducks.
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