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  1. Bump... Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this now as they stopped showing up like an hour after I made that post in June .-.
  2. What mc version is hexxit on these days?
  3. The statistics just started appearing today, no idea why but I'm not complaining!
  4. Hmm, so we are just waiting for an admin to verify what we need to do, *Screams help until an admin notices*
  5. I think it has to do with where the file is hosted as some sites make download stats public, others do not.
  6. I've got a question regarding the runs/installs graph when you host your own modpack. I currently am using dropbox for the download of my modpack and I do not see anything on the runs/installs graph. I was wondering if I needed to use a different host to see something happen in the graph or is there an option that I am missing? Hope you can help, zF4ll3nPr3d4t0r
  7. Sorry for the late reply Here is a screeny of the plugins we have. http://gyazo.com/00b2720c3ceb2b86d6c7d054493011f9 The only one that isn't shown is an Autoreboot plugin
  8. We are using MCPC+ build 262 and we are still getting this
  9. Oh the joys of figuring out a crash on your server that constantly happens but leaves no reports

  10. This is also crashing our server and we would love some help on it as well
  11. There was not supposed to be a whitelist. The file didn't save when I took it off. I have corrected this issue
  12. TheNode Attack of the Bteam Version: 1.0.12a IP: bteam.thenodemc.com Website: www.thenodemc.com Rules:‚Äč Do not Grief Do not Spam Do not Steal Do not Hack Keep Chat Clean Banned Items: Dubstep Guns (Grief/Bypass/Annoyance) Entity Mover (Grief) Block Mover (Grief) Chunk Loader (Lags server) SDX (Grief) Obsidian Boot (Grief) Magnetic Force (Bypass Protections) Hammer (Statue) Volleyball Stuff (Crash) Master Wand (Grief) SPAMR Launcher (Grief) Info: We are a brand new Attack of the Bteam server here to bring you the best possible experience. The server is run by experienced admins who have over 3 years of server owning experience. Our server is running on Towny for protection against grief. We use LWC to provide you protection for your chests and other valuables. We hope you check out our server and if you do we hope you enjoy your stay! Our server is 24/7!
  13. It just seems that you are on all my posts with comments that need to be made and have nothing to do with the top so anyways Congrats to our new staff member hurtcosmic
  14. Ok won't happen again and Richs I would appreciate if you stopped terrorizing my posts with your annoyingness
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