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  1. Never mind I found one that works
  2. I cannot believe that no one has got Waila working with Hexxit
  3. Anything that is like Waila for 1.5.2?
  4. Anyone know of a version of Waila that works witrh Hexxit? I have tried a few that are for 1.52 an none of them seem to work.
  5. Server files available? I would love to run a server for this.
  6. Did you update the server files ? I m getting a "Bad Login" message when trying to connect to my server with your server files. *****Nevermind**** Seems I some how manged to run Hexplore-It without being logged in correctly
  7. Not enough memory it looks like to me.
  8. Not enough memory it looks like to me.
  9. Have you messed with any settings in Biomes XL ?
  10. You do not have enough memory, have you opened the settings in the Technic launcher and given Java more memory? Do you even have enough memory to give?
  11. Please release this, I only have 2 weeks left of my 3 weeks having my house to myself. I would love to be able to have all this time to play
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