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  1. How is this a problem at all? I want a twilight cow.
  2. You guys are such jerks. He clearly ain't from around here. What's with the duck talk anyways? Some new summerfag meme? Vos hablás español? Ты говорить по-русский?
  3. As far as I can tell the only worthwhile addition is the CC update which brings melee turtles and fueled turtles. Turtles are no longer OP, yay. I haven't checked the IC2/Railcraft changelogs but I'm pretty sure IC2 hasn't added any new stuff because I'm running the MC1.4 version in singleplayer. Well, besides the overhauled nuclear reactor system... for which there isn't a manual anywhere by the way. I wonder why ccSensors is still in the modpack even though it's unusably broken at the moment...
  4. MFFS needs a CLOAK UPGRADE. Fick ja! :D
  5. I love how it deletes EVERYTHING when you update. Server list, minimap waypoints, and last but definitely not least, your goddamn singleplayer saved games. Not even a quack of a warning. Had I lost my Technic 6 world with all those custom mods that took a lot of effort to install, I would've punched a baby in the groin. I've been using computers for ages so thankfully I'm paranoid about backing up before even the most insignificant action.
  6. Access to all banned items and item spawning for just 20 bucks... on a survival server? LOL. How can anyone play on those terms? Nice avatar/name though... I love Linetrap.
  7. Please DO NOT update your clients to 3.1.3 yet if you want to play here. I'm having problems updating the server.
  8. I get this when I start a server with 3.1.3. My client gets stuck at 'Logging in' and nothing about the login attempt appears on the console. I don't have to reset the world for this small update, do I? I cleared the plugins folder for testing but I got the same error. BONUS: What the hell is this CCPlugin.jar thingie?
  9. Yep, always happens during update. Consider the file gone forever.
  10. Wait what? 3.1.3 is actual new build that people are supposed to be using? I got an email yesterday from some noob who updated and couldn't log onto my server so I told him to fuck off and stop messing with dev builds... now I'm wondering. I have mine set to manual selection so that's possibly why I missed the update notice. Wat do? :I EDIT: Nevermind, it is... Just checked the website. LOL fail. Anyways someone send a letter to the penal facility where the OP is being held, to say that I am thankful for his service.
  11. You run a great server. I was wandering around, raided two guys, and flew away more from spawn with the electric jetpack I stole.

  12. LOL. I can sure use a guy like you in my server. Look up my name in the forum to find the thread. The only way to protect against logoutevators is to land-claim your base so they can't place any blocks under. Then they could drive a turtle in and place the door for them since turtle block-placing doesn't care about claimed land, so then the only way is to cobble up all cave entrances to your chunk.
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