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  1. whats new in tekkit 3.1.3? seems exactly the same as 3.1.2
  2. a nuclear reactor with 2 uranium cells has 40eu /t output, since each luminator takes 0.25 u will be able to light up 160 luminators with it (more like 100 because of eu loss) isnt that more than enough? :P
  3. i suppose you mean quantum, not diamond. and yeah i would want to change nano too. are you sure i need to be a modder? i mean it shouldnt be hard
  4. oh crap i posted in the wrong section, can a mod please move it to technic ssp?
  5. hello, i want to change quantum armor in single player so that it discharges after like maybe 40-50 hits instead of 1 billion, how do i do that?
  6. a good griefer will destroy your server no matter what unless you disable half of the items
  7. a mk3 flower can make gold very fast aswell, i think uu matter is the last of your problems
  8. you dont get it, nether mining is not op, end.
  9. if everyone on your server is rich they are probably duping, nether mining is balanced and not op at all.
  10. Name:atheneftw Age:16 Do you wish to join Anyon (starting town):i guess yeah Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? i played and know everything that isnt computercraft or rp2 computers what is the purpose of a macerator? to double the bars u get from ores (or get coal dust etc) Recommendations(if you been invited): Others things i should know: none atm
  11. quantum armor doesnt take dmg from anything. gem armor takes damage from tnt, nukes and infernal plate explosion
  12. you would be indeed shooting yourself in the feet,
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