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  1. *facepalm* Love the irony of your statement... That review centre is for site owners (like Technic) to control what ads appear on their site.
  2. There you go: Screenshot of the Adsense Ad Review centre where you can block the ad...
  3. I just posted before that it is...
  4. It's actually very easy to do (I blocked the ads from my own sites as well), as Google has a control panel where you can block ads from appearing on your page with a few mouse clicks. https://www.google.com/adsense/app#allowAndBlockAds (You obviously will nedd to have an AdSense account first).
  5. (There really isn't any appropriate forum pertaining to the site itself, so I'm hoping this forum is ok.) Recently, these misleading ads have appeared on the site, right next to the download buttons for the Technic Launcher and information pages on the modpacks themselves such as Voltz. They look like this: As you may imagine, any newbies to Technic may get mislead by these ads and landing at http://dl.modhosting.net/, Once they download and install the software, their PC is infected with spyware or whatever. Please block these ads from the site, as it is one of the reasons people use AdBlock in the first place.
  6. Troll, this is an outdated thread. We don't even run Tekkit anymore and made our own mod pack instead: http://minecraft-techworld.com/gigatech
  7. Read http://wiki.micdoodle8.com/wiki/Overworld_Space_Station
  8. http://voltzwiki.com/wiki/Tutorials/Getting_Started_Guide
  9. Please report bugs over at: http://forum.calclavia.com/index.php?forums/bug-reports.5/
  10. Please report bugs over at: http://forum.calclavia.com/index.php?forums/bug-reports.5/
  11. IP: mc.minecraft-techworld.com Create you own nation of towns and claim your own land, for you residents to be safe in. Set taxes and sell plots to them. Here at Techworld we focus on community and fun! We believe in playing legit: Even our moderators and admins cannot spawn items and play 100% legit. When you start off, you have nothing. You may either run into the wilderness and build your own house, or you can join a town that already exists. As you progress through the server you will be able to trade with other players and gain enough credits to found your town. Our kind staff are dedicated to offer you the help and support you need to enjoy the game. At Techworld we utilise powerful hardware in order to make sure that there will be no interruptions for you as a player. Everything runs on dedicated hardware which gives us full control and a more predictable environment. With top-tier bandwidth providers our server stays up 99.9% - and without any lag. Thanks the to the Greylist Application process we ensure that our community is friendly and mature. We are currently looking for more players to join our community, especially builders and creative folk. If you have very little Tekkit experience, don't feel as though you aren't welcome. We love to help new players get the feel for it. Teamspeak Server Full Forums PvP is disabled on the server. However, you can fight players in the arena. We have EE disabled as it is overpowered and spoils the fun. Come on. Couple of cobble generators and you have yourself an infinite diamond source. Important Server Plugins Towny - Become the mayor of your own town. Share, create and have fun together! BoseConomy - Enables an economy system and players to trade with the server currency: "Credits" Showcase - Players are able to create their own shops and buy/sell from other players even when you're offline. LWC - Lock your chests, doors, furnaces and even your nuclear reactors against those pesky thieves.. Hawk Eye - Logs all blocks which players break and place, thus allowing us to identify, rollback and ban griefers, rendering your home safe Simple Spleef - Play spleef in our dedicated arena. Get rewarded with credits for winning a game. ChopTree - Chop those trees down just like cactus. Hit the bottom log and the whole tree breaks! If you wish to build, please fill out this application form here. This is to prevent griefers from joining the server, and also allows us to filter out any unwelcome people from the server. You can however log on and see how the server is like without applying. Just join mc.minecraft-techworld.com Important features disabled IndustialCraft: - Mining laser disabled - Anti Griefing - Making nukes and other explosives is disabled - Anti-Grief Equivalent Exchange - 100% disabled - We genuinely believe that Equivalent Exchange is overpowered and spoils the fun. BuildCraft - Causes huge lag and all of what BC can do, can be done better by RedPower Battle with other players in the spleef arena for credits. A view of the Spleef Arena from inside. The Mega Mall - Players trade with each other here. Thanks to the Showcase Plugin, players can even trade when someone else is offline! Spawn Server specs: Slots: 100 Slots Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1270 Quad Core 3.80 GHz CPU Solid State Drives 1 GB/s connection
  12. McEdit works for Tekkit. What you can also do is if you know the coordinates of the area, you can use an online calculator to tell you which chunk it is in and then try and deleting those chunks manually from your world folder.
  13. Exactly, you can also just disable the gold nugget recipe.
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