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  1. Hey, Do you think you could texture pam's mods? http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1318130-pams-mods-smp-versions-bukkit/ its going to be updated to 1.4.2 soon. Thanks Also maybe GregTech as it is in FTB
  2. Im not actually using Tekkit. I put all the mods I use into my own sort of modpack. And /netheroresprites/block0.png is there.
  3. It's a shame to hear that Laz in leaving for a while. But I know Zic & Glow can still finish . You think you could texture logistic pipes? It's one of my favourite mods Edit: For some reason the nether ores are not textured on my world :(
  4. Hey, EE3 has just been release to pre1. You could already start to texture some blocks there only a few. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1540010-equivalent-exchange-3-pre1/
  5. I think you guys are doing excellent of your progress. I just want to say that when you finish Tekkit. Will you continue to texture the updated mods? Also maybe do new ones too? I was thinking that gravisuit may be a good mod to texture. It's just because I don't really use Tekkit anymore, I use 1.3.2 with all the mods. And some of the textures arn't updated on certain mods.
  6. That looks awesome !!! Great work. By the way, I know I have been requesting this a couple times but can you please finish Computercraft. I know the computers are done but the turtles arn't and the pickaxe is backwards on the mining turtles. Thanks EDIT: What are those creeper heads BTW?
  7. Wow, I didn't know that there was still someone progressing on the textures. I got it off from a different website with no user. And it is a shame Glowstrontium that it would be nice to credit him definitely because if I knew it came from there I would of definitely credited him my self and ask if I could use his textures.
  8. I honestly have no idea who they were made from. I had a look around but didn't have any name or anything really :(
  9. Mhmm. I agree. Most of the current items were a bit screwed up But the drill looked really nice. EDIT: You should use the dusts like Kinglightson said and the ingots. They look better than the current ones :P
  10. Ok here is the link for the items.PNG : http://www.mediafire.com/view/?a1sigz5sppwg9a4
  11. I have found some JohnSmith texures for IC2. And it doesn't look like they're in use anymore. Shall I give a link to the PNG. It's mostly the items like the diamond drills and stuff which looks absolutely amazing!
  12. Sorry for the double post. But I am requesting maybe you could texture logistics pipes? I know it's not in Tekkit, but it's a cool mod which I use and I think many other people use too!
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