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  1. 1. The name of your MC account: RedAssassin53 2. How old are you: 14 3. Where do you live: USA 4. What can you bring to the server: My expertise from around a year and a half ago, I kinda wanna get back into it 5. Tell us briefly about yourself: I'm a male, love cheese, cats, and making friends 6. Do you accept the rules: Yes, since it's a prime factor in whitelisting here 7. Why do you want to apply: Because it's time to get back into the minecrack modding community, I need something to do, too! 8. Extra details or questions: (insert extra detail or question here)
  2. There's only one flaw in that, i'm not playing on a server, they are all laggy as heck. I'm playing on single player.
  3. Well yes, they do work fine, i have powered them, just oxygen does not travel now... I'll get there one day!
  4. Your ingame name: RedAssassin53 Why you want to join our server: I want to find a nice, friendly, non-grief tekkit server, and it sound awesome! Have you played on any of our other servers, if so which: ONly a tekkit classic server, Compositecraft. Something about yourself: I am batman (not really). My favorite color is green.
  5. I can give it energy, I'm talking about oxygen pipes.
  6. All's I have trouble with is getting the pipes to hook it up to.... Meaning the pipes wont hook into the machines.
  7. I would love to, but my voice has been really bad for along time, and a LAN game... let's just say we may live far away. Also for hamachi, not many people like using it.
  8. When I place an oxygen collector, it does collector, but it says it has no power, I've hooked up steam engines to it, works now. But, here's where i'm confused, when I try to place an oxygen pipe, it does not attach to it, or the distributor. Does anyone know how to fix this, i'm playing single-player. If anyone knows a fix, please tell me.... I want a dang moon-base. Also, does anyone know why it never closes when I click "save and quit." I can fix that, but I would like to know why it does that.
  9. siber how did you fix it? cause i have the same prob, no replies D:
  10. Title: Cannot connect to server Version: 2.1.1 OS: Mac OSX Java Version: Java 64 bit Description of Problem: When ever i try to join server it says " Error Messages: must have forge build #136+ (4096 fix) to connect to this server Error Log: No idea where to find it. i actually have not that there was no option for that
  11. I have a similar thing like that, i would make my own post but i cant, Every time ti try to open a tekkit server it says logging in then crash, then white screen, anyone know about that?