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  1. Hey im actually the author of the the modpack! This was solved, however i havent been able to host the modpack since i cannot find a file host replacement, dropbox no longer works, ozibox is gone, etc. Any suggestions?
  2. the server doesnt crash, only the client does. I removed his mod, we dont want it back
  3. Hoping plowman sees this, as you always help so much! Its the author of the modpack Industrial Age The Turning again (if you remember me at all!) Modpack has been so stable for awhile running on the dedicated server, but we added Reikas mods, and since have had nothing but trouble. Matter Overdrive updated their API and reika didnt update matter overdrives api in his mod, so there was occasionally random crashes. I downgraded Matter Overdrive thinking it'd fix it, but it crashed constantly instead. In the end, i heard from the Kcauldron team and others that Reikas mods are trouble, so i used his ForgeDangler patch to remove his mods succesfully, the only crash we seem to have now is the one stated in the topic. I read its from EnderIO "Separates wither and normal skeletons into different entities, enables the powered spawner to treat them differently [EXPERIMENTAL - MAY CAUSE ISSUES WITH OTHER MODS] B:replaceWitherSkeletons=true" settings this to false was supposedly suppose to fix it, it didnt, (i did it for client and server) so i set it back to default aka true. I tried killing all entities in all worlds using /killall, but i still crash with the error above, i even tried resetting Matter Overdrives configs to no avail. I would appreciate any help! I have the log pasted in this topic: https://gitlab.prok.pw/KCauldron/KCauldron/issues/306#note_2399
  4. My friend has been trying to play my modpack Industrial Age The Turning, he has a problem no one else has, the pack loads, but stops at a certain point for an hour before finishing. looks like it has trouble loading the textures. Here is a small snippet of where it takes forever to load. [17:26:06] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Finished: Texture Loading took 16.259s [17:26:10] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Finished: Mipmap generation took 4.398s [17:26:10] [Client thread/WARN] [FastCraft-core/]: The sprite Chisel:snakestone/obsidian/particles/7 caused the mipmap level to drop from 4 to 3 because it's too small (8x8 px). [17:26:10] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FastCraft-core/]: bufferTextureUpdates = true, 33556480, 1073741824 [17:26:10] [Client thread/INFO] [EnderCore/]: Removed 0 missing texture stacktraces. Tada! [18:43:39] [Client thread/INFO] [Mantle/]: Loading Manual XML from: /assets/tsteelworks/manuals/en_US/highoven.xml [18:43:40] [Client thread/INFO] [Mantle/]: Loading Manual XML from: /assets/mantle/manuals/test.xml [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Finished: Texture creation took 4649.699s [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Step: Reloading Texture Manager - minecraft:textures/atlas/blocks.png took 4672.991s [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Step: Reloading Texture Manager - minecraft:textures/font/ascii.png took 0.242s [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Step: Reloading Texture Manager - railcraft:textures/emblems/placeholder took 0.050s [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Step: Reloading Texture Manager - minecraft:dynamic/lightMap_1 took 0.001s [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Step: Reloading Texture Manager - minecraft:dynamic/map_1 took 0.000s [18:43:40] [Client thread/INFO] [FML/]: ROTARYCRAFT: Loading Liquid Icons [18:43:40] [Client thread/DEBUG] [FML/]: Bar Finished: Texture creation took 4649.699s look at that load time, it took 1 1/2 hours about to get to the next step and finish. hundreds of players play my pack, and no one has had this issue, it loads in 2 minutes normally even on really crappy computers, his has an I5-5200U 2.2Ghz not the best, but certainly shouldn't stall it like this. Heres the whole log file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/azfu6db5l2w19uu/fml-client-1.log My Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/a-new-age-enterprise.55905 I appreciate any help or feedback you can give because im stumped, thanks!
  5. I added millenaire to my modpack "Industrial Age The Turning" I was running it on the server and i crashed randomely, i had villages generate fine before, the log shows something about biomes o plenty coral, but also millenaire. Not sure if their incompatible, i found some addons that seem a bit outdated, but figured would get your take on this, ty Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/a-new-age-enterprise.55905 fml latest.log: http://pastebin.com/PAAJA5fB latest.log http://pastebin.com/16uCcaDm Addons for BOP support? http://millenaire.org/library/view.php?cid=113 http://millenaire.org/library/view.php?cid=123 http://millenaire.org/library/view.php?cid=140 I have two village addons if it makes a difference
  6. i removed those, now i try to connect, both start up fine. when i connect my client instantly closes. the log reports show nearly nothing except something about packets. http://pastebin.com/y3Neuw0Y
  7. I added Rotarycraft Reactorcraft and Dragon API to my modpack and server. it launched fine on the modpack, but seems to cause a crash server side using cauldron. fml.latest.log: http://pastebin.com/LGPMhMBs Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/industrial-age-turning-beta.206039 ty (im also using galacticraft, ik that they use to conflict, i heard that was fixed, not sure if thats true though)
  8. the author is helping me, but was wondering is there a way to increase the world height just in one dimension on a server. we are putting this in space in the asteroid dimension and adding our own modded touches. but its bigger than the world height. Would doing so effect mods, performance, etc?
  9. Had a quick question, was looking at world schematics/world downloads and i couldnt get one to work. it says it was a world file, but its all .dat which seems like it may be minceraft alpha? wondering if you can figure out how to load it. http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/star-trek-deep-space-9-station/
  10. sad face, solder so hard to setup i cant really grasp it
  11. I have seen some modpacks have a "Mods" tab on their modpack page, how can i get this?
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