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  1. Gettin this message spamming the console "Could not pass event CraftItemEvent to Modifyworld v0.1" Anyone know what its about?
  2. Thanks I thought bukkitpermissions wasnt supported anymore
  3. Any chance people could start posting the versions of the mods they are using successfully. The latest version of core protect doesn't load up so I presume we should be using an older one? Essentials seems to have a similar problem on 2.96. I thought it was a permissions thing but even an op couldn't use the commands. Also Group Manager is no longer available for download so is bPermissions the one to use now? Any version number in particular?
  4. I don't know if anyone else has found this but bukkit permission nodes dont seem to work with Pex. My mods cant whitelist or ban
  5. Using forgebukkit build 137. Core inspect logs the removal of blocks, vanilla and mod, and will display info in game. Will not display who placed a block or fluid. Not sure if it is logging. Using the special permissionsex and essentials. Members don't have access to essentials commands unless they are op.
  6. What protection and logging plugins do you recommend yourself? Also does anyone know of a plugin that can block recipes?
  7. Cant help but notice you posted the exact same post in Forge essentials and bukkit-forge thread. Which one are you actually using?
  8. Is anyone else having a problem with worldedit //regen? How have people found the essentials blacklisting for non-vanilla items? Has anyone found a logging tool that logs non vanilla-items?
  9. What have you tested it with? Lasers? Creeper damage? Chest protection? I think you are supposed to use an older version.
  10. Noob error. Didn't delete the lib folder. Creeper disabling works well now. Core protect ingame interface is not working at all now. And lockette isnt super. Just waiting on those til i can get my server running fresh. Also WorldEdit Regen not working Thanks Keepcalm
  11. You have pex working with essentials? Have you tried it when you are not Op or admin?
  12. What version are you using? So do you sneak and right click on the chest and type [Private]?
  13. Permissionsex still not working with essentials. Core Inspect and Lockette not working.
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