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  1. Yup, my sever spits out the same error when starting up, not sure if it hurts anything. Since it seems to be running fine...
  2. LWC had some errors with flax, then Maeyanie fixed it. The fix is to update to the newest version of RP2 port. link: https://d186ocprvpb7jc.cloudfront.net/mods/redpower-all-2.0p5b2-mcpc1.2.5-r2.zip Replace the redpower-all-2.0p5b2-mcpc1.2.5.zip in your mods folder with the file above (remember to change the name too). Restart your server and profit.
  3. Well I kinda need it in a table or txt file or something. Since I need it to get my hawkeye web-interface to recognize all the custom IDs
  4. Does anyone have a full ID list for Tekkit 3.0.3?
  5. Bro, you serious? I guess when you get all you plugins set, you wont be use /reload so often...
  6. Have you tried doing a shutdown/hard-restart and then not use the /reload command, and see if you then can craft stuff? Since this seems to be the issue on our server as well.
  7. Okay I have recreated the bug... If you launch your server from fresh it works perfectly, but if you then do a /reload you suddenly can't craft any IC2 items.
  8. First I thought it was only the treetap that I couldn't make, but yeah, it seems it is all IC2 items I can't craft. Thank god I check bug post before posting my own :P
  9. We are having same issue since Tekkit 3.0.3
  10. I respect that, and am glade you responed And I understand what you are saying.
  11. Well yeah, that was going to be my offer :P
  12. I was wondering if anyone would be interrested in buying a T-shirt with some of the technic art or maybe just the technic logo? Also I would like to hear from the technic guys if it would be alright if I printed such t-shirts? I am guessing it is cheap shots permission I need for that, but I can't seem to find his email anywhere or any other way of contacting him.
  13. What is a so called power loop? :S I honestly don't play so much Tekkit to understand all the terms :P
  14. But does chunk loaders only load a single chunk, or are they effectively like another player loading multiple chunks?
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