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  1. New donation package on the site 'Ultimate Package' i believe it was Jared who had made this, as well as custom prefix reward.
  2. If there is anyone you suspect using hacks etc or you're having issues make sure to post on our website aswell as here, more chance of getting faster help
  3. UN1TxB00MZ keeps a up to date list of banned items on hexxit. http://www.jwlservers.com/forum/m/13014821/viewthread/9146611-banned-items-list-please-read/post/last#last I'd recommend you all read it as i have seen people ask about banned items recently. Ty UN1Tx :)
  4. How many people online at once can we hit tonight? Currently at 31, which alone is brilliant.
  5. Be warned if you are caught using duplication glitch then you will be banned
  6. i love apologies <3 but you dern fooed it up! (i don't really 100% know what happened)
  7. Hacksaw's maybe banned as people are griefing spawn using block panels and covers
  8. PvP server, how about some PvP montage video's from you guy's? Prove to the rest that you are truly the best! And put all your great raiding moment's together. I'm surprised no one has done this yet :)
  9. Maybe everyone can independently design a logo and decide on one to use? or combine a variety of the logo's to make a final one.. Just suggesting :)
  10. Remember to keep checking your played time with /ar check , once you hit 24hours played you should get ranked to [R] Resident ;)
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