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  1. IGN: Wizflipper Age: 14, 15 in 17 days. I am very mature of my age. Ofc a lot of people will say that, but you have to trust me. Country: Denmark. Reasons for joining (optional): I want to play on a server that is whitelisted because i don't won't to get griefed and stuff like that, also there is only allowed 10 players at a time. This makes it a small friendly community. Previous servers (optional): I haven't played on other servers, i just started looking for a new server to play on, and this sounds really nice. Server experience (optional): I have had my own server, and i hated then people ruined it.. There came too much work in it, so i'm thankful for people like you, that keeps up a server, for people to play on, eventho there is griefers and stuff.
  2. In game name: Wizflipper Age: 14, turn 15 in 18 days Location: Denmark Minecraft experience to date: Well, i have played minecraft for a long time, but switched to Tekkit as i found out Tekkit was a game. Why do you want to play on our server? - Well, because it sounds nice, only 20 people online at a time is really nice, also.. It sounds like a nice server. I hope to join soon. :)
  3. Name - Lasse Age - 14, turning 15 in 18 days Minecraft Exp - Hmm. Had it for about 2 years. Tekkit Exp - Been playing a lot the latest, but had it about 4 months. Time playing MC per day - It's different, i'm having a lot of homework right now, so i can't play totally much, but will be playing all i can. Why do you want to join the server - The server is new, which means not too many people, also there is not many items that is banned, that is really good. Hope to hear from you soon :)