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  1. In game name: AeroMechanic Age: 18 Location: Canada Are you currently banned from any servers?: No. Minecraft experience to date: Verily experienced with Classical Tekkit. A short paragraph on why you would like to play on our server: Well after what seems to be a year of retirement, I am back and ready for some more Tekkit. Previously I was on a white list server back in the old day of just Classic Tekkit. I became a mod after a month of supporting and cherishing the server, but unfortunately we switched to FTB and after I just flat out quit. But now I seek a dedicated classic server. As prev
  2. Listen dick head... This server does not fucking exist anymore. Everyone stop making applications because this server does not exist. Do I make myself fucking clear?
  3. Yeah it was a random spur of the moment idea by Silent. I didn't approve but he said the map wouldn't change. Well, it did. So a message to everyone else, stop leaving apps this isn't a tekkit server anymore.
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