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  1. Tinker's also has a limit on the size of the tree it can cut down. Tree capitator doesn't.
  2. Download using techinc launcher. Grab the files from technic. Move files into your preferred launcher.
  3. Selected all the hexxit files. Push delete key. Redownload them all. That way, you know everything is correct and not corrupted or anything.
  4. From how I understand it, railcraft added a requirement that any pack with railcraft must publicly display all permissions for any mods included in the pack. Since technic doesn't bother to have a list of written permissions for each mod displayable, railcraft is out. I think if you go to the railcraft thread on the minecraft forums you can see the posted requirements.
  5. In Tekkit there are 67 mods with 18 pages showing in nei , and this is after all the microblocks were hidden from NEI. Do you really think that there is only a linear power progression available? There are a gazillion options. You just need to explore a bit. IC2 is gone because IC2 is dead. Keeping it in isn't even an option. We understand why you are crying about IC2 being gone, but it really is kind of irrelevant why. IC2 is dead. Its so dead its starting to stink. Vultures are gathering. Dead. However, there are options, many many options. They are not the same options as IC2 had, but t
  6. Then you will never update again. IC2 is dead, the only "updates" for it are random modders making it work with new MC versions, but bugs are beginning to accumulate and no one is fixing them. The original mod author has vanished.
  7. Redpower 2 IIRC, they let you cut down leaves and keep the blocks in mass.
  8. We don't hate IC2. IC2 is just dead. It has a few postmortem twitchs, but its not updating, not improving, not really being bug fixed. Its dead, we either move on, or stagnate and die with it.
  9. Minum stone from EE3 + ME network from AE, will autobuild just about anything for you from just about anything. If you want to render down all your crap and turn it into diamonds, look into those.
  10. IC2 is a zombie, still shambling along but its rotting as it goes and creating a huge, reeking, mess over everything still trying to get some work out of it.
  11. Do you ever get tired of being awesome? It just seems like you never get a break, just being awesome all the time.
  12. Huh, your right, for some reason I was thinking EE2 went all the way through 1.4.6. In that case, you are right, it is because his world anchor doesn't work cross dimensions. Derp by me.
  13. Full version? Do you mean with the other planets? Then you actually mean the not-yet-released beta version, which no has.
  14. Across dimensions, yes, that is true. However, the post I was responding to was this.(bold mine)
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