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    ICBM Mod

    I love this mod and can not wait to get this into this beloved mod pack. My idea for a missile is something that goes tremendously fast and only does a small blast, like a SuperSonic Missile. Good? The missile would be good because people would have less time to prepare for an attack.
  2. Actually... do you want a Technic world save? Never mind. I don't want to send you anything. I will post screenshots eventually.
  3. No. Hamachi seriously messed with my computer. I'm not dealing with it's shadiness anymore. I can post some screen shots if you explain how to. :D
  4. Won't let me connect... :C Does it require :25565? Wait, Tekkit, Technic, or Vanilla? What version?
  5. I can do the barracks. I have an epical system for barrack tents. I'll make some tents and some other stuffs... :D
  6. I would love to help. Tell me which town you want me to make and I will make it.
  7. I logged in to check out the server, and I must admit I am very impressed. I have have given all of my information (and maybe part of my soul?) to get approved to play. I hope that I can play soon, and I hope that I can find some trees...
  8. Trying to fix my technic worlds...

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