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  1. I indeed host a Anarchy Server, only grief protection is Towny which costs alot to make, to claim, and to maintain.
  2. Sorry, I did not noticed I posted in wrong section. Please move to Scribble.
  3. Original Creator: zekeyspaceylizard Original Vanilla Post: MinecraftForums Currently Supported Mods: Connected Textures Mod (betterglass) Fossil mod Nandonalt's Coral Reef's Mod WildGrass Modloader Version GLSL BumpMapping, Specular and Parallax Mapping Pistons! Random Mobs! Hot Air Balloons! Nandonalt's Biome Pack! The Aether The Twilight Forest Elemental Creepers! Currently Porting: ThaumCraft ComputerCraft DoggyTalents IndustrialCraft Redpower NetherOres RailCraft WeaponMod Forestry BuildCraft Keep Me Motivated Keep Me Motivated SNEAK PEAK: OTHER PICTURES: a ladder near some netherrack and a portal to hell or if this were an anime "the shadow realm" also present, cobble and it's mossy cousin a pig gettin his ham on. a chicken gettin his cluck on. a failed attempt at a rollercoaster. that is the wood door redid the minecart so it looked less speckly cloth walls. wood floor. glass. stove. pig. more of the cloth walls and wood floor. crafting table and chest. bed with creeper blankie. a view of the outside world. plus worlds crappiest cave. "bra, i am so crunk'd" "dude i donno what that means gimme a hit" "anyone seen lewis?" "yeah some dude grabbed him and shoved a torch in his ass. sorry bro" squids are now cute as opposed to being eldritch horrors from beyond the stars Everyones favorite enemy: the creeper. Aww lookit that lil' face. He just wants to play videogames with you, man. Fun Fact: I died 5 times trying to get a decent pic of a creeper. YOU'RE WELCOME. UPDATE MARCH 11TH the inventory screen where you craft 2x2 recipes and keep track of yo' mad loots the 3x3 crafting table. the very heart of this game and most important thing to bring with you on caves. next to torches at least. the furnace. because there's nothing wrong with cooking food in the same place you smelt minerals into weaponry (a fiery arrow comes out the vent!) the dispenser. it dispenses justice on evildoers such as: pigs, cows, sheep, maybe enemies sometimes remember when I said I was going to make custom lava and water? wellp. here you go. take note: you need to patch these in to make them work properly. i also made new smoke effects which came out quite cute. you can barely see them in this image. WATER! now no longer navy blue and impossible to see through! Zombie Pigman! Someone told him a joke and now he's in stitches. several_bad_puns_later.jpg Spider have been totally reskinned from the ground up to look more like a jungle spider and less like a tarantula. I also made it so their little fangs/mandibles stick out. D'aaawwww. damnit notch let us ride spiders with saddles they would be the best pets why do skeletons get to have all the fun. anyway here is a spider hanging out with a swine of the hoggish persuasion. Oh and that skull on his abdomen lights up at night when he flies into RAGE MODE. now just random pics from various enviroments A wild herd of fences. They startle easily. Hey look! What's that light grey stuff? It's everyone's favorite block! GRAVEL. Can't get enough of that gravel! A tunnel of spookyness. Splish splash, I was taking a bath Long about a Saturday night A rub dub, just relaxing in the tub Thinking everything was alright
  4. I'm going to have to start on a new design since this one got messed up when I accidently replaced it with another texturepack. :/
  5. I updated the texturepack and uploaded more pictures, progress may be delayed due to school. :/
  6. So one night I was bored and was in the mood for "Photoshop" so I though why not make a texture pack that works with Tekkit! This is what I've got so far. I will be updating it from time to time.
  7. To fix this try going into "bukkit.yml" Then set this "allow-end: true"
  8. When a player on my server starves they only starve until they are down to the very half heart after that nothing happens. Is this a tekkit bug or plugin? This is my plugin list: mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons, mod_BuildCraftEnergy, mod_RedPowerWiring, mod_BuildCraftCore, mod_ImmibisCore, Vault, mod_BuildCraftFa ctory, mod_NetherOres, mod_EE, mod_TubeStuff, mod_CCTurtle, mod_IC2NuclearContro l, mod_WirelessRedstoneRedPower, mod_ccSensors, mod_ImmiChunkLoaders, mcMMO, mod _CompactSolars, mod_WirelessRedstoneCore, mod_IC2_ChargingBench, mod_IronChest, mod_MinecraftForge, WorldEdit, mod_RedPowerControl, PermissionsEx, mod_IC2, mod_ RedPowerMachine, mod_BuildCraftBuilders, mod_RedPowerLighting, WorldGuard, mChat Suite, mod_RedPowerWorld, mod_ComputerCraft, mod_BuildCraftTransport, CoreProtec t, ChopTree2, mod_PowerConverters, mod_AdditionalPipes, mod_IC2AdvancedMachines, mod_Railcraft, BKCommonLib, mod_RedPowerCore, mod_RedPowerLogic, mod_ModularFor ceFieldSystem, mod_EnderStorage, mod_CodeChickenCore, Balkon's WeaponMod, Essent ials, NoLagg, EssentialsSpawn
  10. I was wondering if there is a conig for mcmmo that lists all of the tekkit tools. (LATEST TEKKIT) And if there was any patches to to the mods (Ex. EE) So I could rollback with bigbrother plugins.
  11. I wonder if someone ever though about adding an electric fence into tekkit? IC , BC?