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  1. 1. Username (in game username) : 2. Amount of experience w/ Tekkit on a scale of 1-10: 10 (I really don't try to brag or anything but I played with these mods for a very long time and prety much know everything there is to know.) 3. How often do you think you will be on the server per week? (This is just for reference): Depending on school ALOT, Prety much every day atleast 2-3 Hours. 4. Do you plan on donating? (This will help us to keep up the server): I payed 20 Euros for minecraft and that's everything I'm gonna spend on Minecraft. (I'm sorry but that's just not how I work.) 5
  2. You should probally be able to make a setup with Regulators and lapatron crystals. You won't need any CC if you do it like that. (If you don't know how to make a lapatron setup you can PM me and i'd be happy to help)
  3. The fastest way to get EMC (In my eyes) is to macerate Blaze rods, 2 Blaze powder = 1 Blaze rod. Macerating 1 blaze rod = 5 blaze powder so you have 3 blaze powder profit wich is around 2100 EMC. I got 3 Maceraters, 12 overclockers in them and they make me about 1 redmatter per 30-40 seconds.
  4. Just make a setup with retrievers and filters with Lapatron crystals. If you don't know what i mean: Get an MFSU wich will be filled with energy, Get a filter to put EMPTY lapatron crystals in the mfsu and get a retriever to pull out FILLED lapatron crystals. Then pump them in an ender chest and do the same in the overworld but filter full lapatron crystals and retrieve the empty ones
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