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  1. Age:12 (but very mature) IGN:demolition8r Mods experienced in: EE, Buildcraft, Industrialcraft (but not many quarries) I just like to have fun. :D
  2. I could lead a new company if you guys would let me onto the server. I have been a mod on a server before so I can handle situations. I really want to join this server. Please reply ign: demolition8r
  3. hi I was like fourth to apply on original thread yet my name wasnt on the list. Also I havent been online in a while and I didnt read all these pages but if you still have an opening I would REALLY love to join. Im xp-ed in EE and buildcraft but I dont like quarries much. Please please let me join and preferably a magic company. :P
  4. i dont think anymore people are going to sign up so maybe start the server and add them later?
  5. :P btw Dr. Horrible rocks! Best line of the show: These are not the hammer... :P
  6. I've watched the yogscast, too. I really like your idea, and hope we'll have a ton of fun! Also, I've been searching for a server exactly like this so thank you so much.
  7. Ign- demolition8r Age- 12 (but mature) Do you have hamachi?- No, but ditto to warpspeed. Company Name (If you want one)Magical Mayhem -We specialize in magic, although we use machines, and love to cause "fun" trouble. :P
  8. Hello, can I join? ign: demolition8r I would suggest keeping EE in or some people may get mad btw what's the i.p.?
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