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  1. Very Great server! It has very few banned items, very friendly staff and a very friendly community. The server has low amounts of lag, a nice ranking system, and is no way pay to win. The rules are strict enough to prevent problems, but there are no rules that are completely useless. Ive had a great time on this server so far, and I intend on playing it much more to come! IGN: __Tiki
  2. Great revenge of the c team server!! Modpack just came out, and the server runs very fast, with no bugs! Great plugins, easy to use. Awesome economy, voting, and helpful staff!! IGN: supertiki500
  3. my minecraft seems to crash whenever i try to get on the server... but i can connect to other servers. Help please -Tiki
  4. Minecraft IGN : supertiki500 Where are you from? : USA, Ohio Why are you applying? : i need a small server with polite players How well do i know the mods in the pack? : I know quite a bit about a couple mods How old are you? : Under 18 ( 14 ) How often could i be on the server? : Weeknights: 5-8 Weekends: As long as i want