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  1. :o interesting... I'll have to try and get on when you guys are playing Hexxit... yet another new mod pack I will be a noob at xD Guess that's my fault though.. Ohwell! Live and learn right? I look forward to playing with you all! (Again) I really missed you guys, you guys have left a permanent scar on my mind... xD I haven't forgotten about you guys once yet. Edit: I also just noticed that I am the only person who posted today! What's wrong guys!? did you like know I was coming and reserved the post just for me? Aww, Wuvs u guys <3 (Just kidding just a little bit of inactivity happens all the time :3)... Don't tell me I have to Whitelist stuff... I really dun wanna xD but I will if I have to
  2. Wow... I've really missed a lot... guess that's my fault, if someone doesn't mind could they will me in on what's happened over the past 4-5 months? I haven't really been going on, School stuff and irl things... I've started drawing though and I'm really enjoying it! ... ... ... ... what else to say... umm... Yeah... I don't have anything else... Uhh... Hi? *should've put that on top... whatever* But I've finally returned that's the main thing im happy about xD
  3. Hello, Hello! I have returned! Going to try to play JWL tekkit abit more, if you have any questions as to my absence please ask me ^-^

  4. I hash returned xD i finally was able to get a laptop which is capable of running tekkit smoothly ^-^ and its not faulty either, yay! so i hope to see you guys around on the server! IGN: Agent_Whisp Why you want to join?: Because i loved JWL so much, i want to come play and play with everyone again! Other servers: I played on the older tekkit with you guys! im sure you remember me ^-^ if not then i'll just reming you of me. Something about yourself: I love spending time with others and making them happy as i possibly can! I will try my hardest!
  5. Your Goals are really interesting... xD But sadly there has been a few Female Mods in the history of JWL (Im such a Dream spoiler xD)
  6. I miss this server so much... Funny thing is i Played osu! with Claw without noticing until abit later on I will be back soon I Really miss you guys! (Just gotta get a new computer )
  7. Well, this is a disaster... my computer has finally given up on me... the Fault causing it to overfreeze then bluescreen then restart straight after, Ohwell... Expect me back on JWL When its either repaired (AKA I havent destroyed it out of rage) or i have a new one (Pretty obvious why) Have a Jd of a day!
  8. i dont see what red power locks have to do with a Chest Lock Plugin being in error (if im wrong its because i dont undestand redstone all that well)
  9. Is it wrong for me to try out new things? I am an Artist i spread my imagination and talents over a variety of different things so does it really matter what i create? No i dont believe it does, its art, its creativity, its who I am.
  10. JWL Was alot of Fun i cant wait for it to be running again! im literially shaking with Joy In my chair!
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