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  1. Sorry, not possible. Your best bet is to use something like a filter to pump it into the turtle. If you're on tekkit 3.1.3 you can use turtle.suck(), turtle.suckUp() and turtle.suckDown(), but the item you get is just the item in the first nonempty slot of the chest.
  2. Perhaps this:
  3. Not tested: while true do while not turtle.detect() do sleep(1) end while not turtle.forward() do sleep(1) end end
  4. The command to place blocks is It has no parameters for orientation. Some blocks like stairs will be placed differently depending on the direction the turtle is facing, but not all.
  5. This has a decent amount of error checking (blocked path, no fuel, out of blocks). If turtle's don't need fuel on your server the script should still work OK in CC 1.41. If your server is still 3.1.2, you might need to remove the function about refueling. There is no turtle.digBehind() so while yes, it is possible, it would require your turtle to do a complete rotation to check/dig the block behind then return to the starting direction. The other option is to go forwards and dig the area before starting to place blocks, but this would take up twice as much fuel. If you want to add this, it's up to you. --the turtle places blocks for 'height' blocks, then turns around and repeats until it has placed 'width' rows local width = 40 local height = 24 function back() if not turtle.back() then print("Something's in the way!") return false end return true end function refuel(needed) while turtle.getFuelLevel() < needed do selected = 0 while(turtle.refuel(1) == false) do selected = selected + 1 if selected == 17 then print("Out of fuel!") return false end end end return true end function place() selected = 0 while( == false) do selected = selected + 1 if selected == 17 then print("Out of blocks or block already placed!") return false end end return true end for w = 1, width do if not refuel(height + 2) then return end for h = 2, height do if not (place() and back()) then return end end if not place() then return end if w % 2 == 0 then turtle.turnRight() else turtle.turnLeft() end if not back() then return end if w % 2 == 0 then turtle.turnRight() else turtle.turnLeft() end if not (back() and back()) then return end end print("Job finished successfully") Edit: Alternately, you could modify this script to make the turtle go forwards and dig/place blocks *under* it..but now that I've posted it I'm not going to do it unless necessary
  6. Not really. It's not wise to have two programs using and modifying the same files at the same time. It's the reason why programs can "lock" files so that no other program can alter them while they do their work. Click here for a more technical explanation:
  7. You probably have a 3.1.3 server and 3.1.2 client. You'll need to manually select the build when you use the launcher next.
  8. Wouldn't it be more efficient to use a loop rather than running startup which runs receiver which starts the process all over again? I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure calling a program within a program doesn't end the first one, just halts it until the called program is finished. Also, you may want to add a way for the computers to exchange ID's.. The receiving computer may not always be #14, possibly you could have the receivers broadcast their ID's and purpose as a lights on/off receiver and the sending computer looks for that and remembers the IDs. Or maybe I'm just overachieving =/
  10. Scroll down to Mo Creatures and click the link - this is for your server, should just drop into mods folder and be done Just installing it on the server won't cut it, it also has to be on the client - Scroll down to Previous versions and get the client files here and install according to the instructions on the thread Make sure you download the same client and server versions (Minecraft 1.2.5)
  11. I managed to install mo' creatures once on my server..removed it after a day because it was just too glitchy You should be able to find a bukkit port on google though
  12. You didn't have enough free memory. Open the .bat file in notepad and edit it to something lower... java -Xmx3G -Xms2G -jar Tekkit.jar nogui <- original text java -Xmx1G -Xms512m -jar Tekkit.jar nogui <- try this?
  13. Always good to note the date of the last post before reviving a dead topic =/
  14. I don't think you're lacking info but this is the wrong section for this Check out: