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  1. Just wanted to bump this, The admin's real nice, and the community's friendly so far. Would love to see more faces in.
  2. IGN: Axreus Reason Behind wanting to join? I've been looking for a server with a limited ban item list, and that isn't griefed or RM blocks for giant towers. Will you follow rules as stated above? Yes.
  3. IGN: axreus Reason for wanting to become a member: I'm looking for a server me and my friends can play on when we're taking a break from GW2, or SWG. Why should we accept you: I know a lot about Tekkit, I'm mature, and I'm helpfull. That, and I really want to play! :P
  4. Oh, I have to add, though, This is the best server I've played yet. The community is amazing. I haven't met a single person who I haven't liked, and everyone's been real friendly, and helpful.
  5. -Connection lost, Error code 503 for url... etc etc- I can't connect! ;_; (happened after a random crash of my tekkit, Now nothing I do can get me on.) Java.IO exception server returned HTTP Resposne code 503 for url session.miencraft.net/game/joinserver...
  6. InGameName: Axreus About me: I'm a relaxed 20 year old guy, who's looking for something to do until Guild Wars 2. I joke around a lot, but I'm mature where it counts. Location: East coast, USA. Why Tekkitia?: It looks professional, well done. Not a million banned items that I can see, and it has Forestry - Which is really unique among the servers I've seen. Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? Absolutely. Small question, I didn't see Towny or Factions on the plugin list, is there any way I can assure the protection of my building areas?
  7. Mother of god Firewolf, do you feel the need to spam so much? A lot of servers are having issues because of the main minecraft Login. I have 6 servers on my list, and all of them are down.
  8. Utterly awesome.

  9. In-Game Name: Axreus Age: 20 Experience with Tekkit: A month, mainly with EE knowledge. I really want to learn RedPower. Did you read the rules?: Yes I have. Why were you banned?: Sorry, I just realized what this meant. As cliche as this sounds, my 12 year old brother uses this account so we don't have to buy separate ones, and he's immature and likes to argue with staff - no worries, he's on the Xbox version of the game now. I just got off a factions server, looking for a place to wind down and explore Tekkit in a friendly Environment.
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