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  1. I've had this issue occur on all of my players of my server. We found the best option is to remove the bigdig mod folder from the %appdata%/.technic/ folder and have the launcher redownload the whole pack.
  2. Place the wind turbine and connect a universal cable to the front of the base. Connect other end of cable to green side of energy cube.
  3. Actually, if using a liquiduct from a liquid transposer: 1. make sure output (yellow) is set to the side where your liquiduct is 2. make sure that transposer is set to empty mode (empty water bucket symbol) Tested just fine on 1.2.2 Big Dig
  4. I am trying to figure out why after upgrading to the newest server build, and installing Transporter, that signs will not activate after linking gates. I have tried all of the gate configurations, manually teleporting to the gates using the console commands, but still unable to determine what is stopping the signs from activating the gates. If I manually open the gates teleportation does not occur. I have checked my gates list and all of the gates I have created are listed. The signs update when I create links. What mods might stop or limit the functionality of this mod? I have worldguard, essentials, vanishnopacket, worldedit, disguisecraft, ram all installed. Worldguard is not setup to protect any regions right now so I am at a loss as to what is allowing the signs to change when gates are linked, but not open the gate on its own.
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