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  1. Some multicraft configs will be setup with either server jar folder, /root/jar folder or /root (listed as Daemon Jar, Server Jar, Server Base in the Advanced Options in your server profile). This entirely depends on how your host has setup your server profile. If you can't load your server and see this error, then you need to make a copy of the .jar and put it in the /root/jar folder OR ask your host provider to switch you to "Server Base Directory" and this will allow you to add new jars without placing a copy into a /jar folder.
  2. If necromancy is the only mod that requires specific shader support, he could disable the mod (by applying .disabled) and still enjoy the rest of the modpack until he resolves his video card issue.
  3. Have you tried this with a clean install instead of over top of your previous server files? Has your provider offered any assistance with this? I can try to help you if you want to talk to me on skype or steam. Also, I've see these errors occur when the server is trying to download the libs for Forge Mod Loader and they are unavailable at the time of setup. I keep a personal copy of them but you can also get them here: http://files.minecraftforge.net/fmllibs/ However, I did a clean install for my server, through the hosting company I also work for, using Multicraft and have not had this issue. I typcially had this though when installing Voltz on customer installs.
  4. Need Intellivision Icon

  5. I just tested a bit more and it seems that power isn't drained from the RF network.
  6. I've just ran into this issue myself, it appears with the latest version you can use the conduits for power now instead of GC's UE power. Just setup your TE power grid and add the leadstone conduits as your connector.
  7. daeos


    I find having one of my armors enchanted with magnetism better, this allows for return of your lost items items. (don't forget soul tether enchant for when you die)
  8. This was reported by myself a few days ago. It should be looked into. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/hexxit-infinite-xp.47416/
  9. Better Dungeons is correct, used to be in an older mod pack for 1.2.5 which also included some "flying fortress" style ships as well.
  10. 1. Find Meteor 2. Gather enough material for at least 1 piece of armor 3. Disenchant armor using enchanting table 4. Put armor in hotbar and right click 5. Repeat (profit)
  11. # Configuration file #################### # block #################### block { I:alveary=1158 I:apiculture=1341 I:beehives=1159 I:candle=1160 I:core=1342 I:engine=1161 I:fan=1162 I:farm=1163 I:fences=1164 I:fences2=1343 I:firsapling=1165 I:harvester=1166 I:heater=1167 I:leaves=1168 I:lepidopterology=1602 I:log1=1169 I:log2=1170 I:log3=1171 I:log4=1172 I:log5=1344 I:log6=1345 I:log7=1346 I:machine=1173 I:mail=1347 I:mill=1174 I:mushroom=1175 I:planks=1176 I:planks2=1348 I:planter=1177 I:pods=1349 I:resources=1178 I:sapling=1179 I:saplingGE=1180 I:slabs1=1181 I:slabs2=1182 I:slabs3=1350 I:soil=1183 I:stained=1184 I:stairs=1185 I:stump=1186 I:swarmer=1187 } #################### # item #################### item { I:adventurerBackpack=11924 I:adventurerBackpackT2=11925 I:ambrosia=11926 I:apatite=11927 I:apiaristBag=11928 I:apiaristBoots=11929 I:apiaristChest=11930 I:apiaristHelmet=11931 I:apiaristLegs=11932 I:appleJuice=11933 I:ash=11934 I:beeCombs=11935 I:beeDroneGE=11936 I:beePrincessGE=11937 I:beeQueenGE=11938 I:beealyzer=11939 I:beeswax=11940 I:bioFuel=11941 I:bioMass=11942 I:biofuelCan=11943 I:biomassCan=11944 I:biomeFinder=11945 I:bituminousPeat=11946 I:brokenBronzePickaxe=11947 I:brokenBronzeShovel=11948 I:bronzePickaxe=11949 I:bronzeShovel=11950 I:bucketBiofuel=11951 I:bucketBiomass=11952 I:builderBackpack=11953 I:builderBackpackT2=11954 I:butterflyGE=24753 I:canEmpty=11955 I:canFuel=11956 I:canHoney=11957 I:canIce=11958 I:canJuice=11959 I:canLava=11960 I:canOil=11961 I:canSeedOil=11962 I:carton=11963 I:catalogue=19848 I:chipsets=11964 I:craftingMaterial=11965 I:crate=11966 I:cratedApatite=11967 I:cratedApples=11968 I:cratedAsh=11969 I:cratedBeeswax=13272 I:cratedBogearth=11970 I:cratedBrass=11971 I:cratedBrick=11972 I:cratedBronze=11973 I:cratedCacti=11974 I:cratedCharcoal=11975 I:cratedClay=11976 I:cratedCoal=11977 I:cratedCobblestone=11978 I:cratedCocoaComb=13277 I:cratedCookies=11979 I:cratedCopper=11980 I:cratedDirt=11981 I:cratedDrippingCombs=13292 I:cratedFertilizer=11982 I:cratedFrozenCombs=13291 I:cratedGlowstone=11983 I:cratedGravel=11984 I:cratedHoneycombs=13271 I:cratedHoneydew=13275 I:cratedHumus=11985 I:cratedLapis=11986 I:cratedMulch=11987 I:cratedMycelium=11988 I:cratedNetherbrick=11989 I:cratedNetherrack=11990 I:cratedNetherwart=11991 I:cratedNikolite=11992 I:cratedObsidian=11993 I:cratedPeat=11994 I:cratedPhosphor=11995 I:cratedPollen=13273 I:cratedPropolis=13274 I:cratedRedstone=11996 I:cratedReeds=11997 I:cratedRefractoryWax=13293 I:cratedResin=11998 I:cratedRoyalJelly=13276 I:cratedRubber=11999 I:cratedSand=12000 I:cratedSandstone=12001 I:cratedSaplings=12002 I:cratedScrap=12003 I:cratedSeeds=12004 I:cratedSilver=12005 I:cratedSimmeringCombs=13289 I:cratedSoulsand=12006 I:cratedStone=12007 I:cratedStringyCombs=13290 I:cratedTin=12008 I:cratedUUM=12009 I:cratedWheat=12010 I:cratedWood=12011 I:decayingWheat=12012 I:diggerBag=12013 I:diggerBagT2=12014 I:fertilizerBio=12015 I:fertilizerCompound=12016 I:flutterlyzer=24754 I:foresterBag=12017 I:foresterBagT2=12018 I:frameImpregnated=12019 I:frameProven=12020 I:frameUntreated=12021 I:fruits=12022 I:gearBronze=12023 I:gearCopper=12024 I:gearTin=12025 I:grafter=12026 I:grafterProven=19849 I:hardenedMachine=12027 I:honeyDrop=12028 I:honeyPot=12336 I:honeydew=12030 I:honeyedSlice=12031 I:hunterBag=12032 I:hunterBagT2=12033 I:impregnatedCasing=12034 I:imprinter=12035 I:infuser=12036 I:ingotBronze=12037 I:ingotCopper=12038 I:ingotTin=12039 I:iodineCapsule=12040 I:kitPickaxe=12041 I:kitShovel=12042 I:lepidopteristBag=24755 I:letters=12043 I:liquidGlass=12044 I:liquidHoney=12045 I:liquidIce=12046 I:liquidJuice=19850 I:liquidMead=12047 I:liquidMilk=12048 I:liquidSeedOil=12049 I:minerBag=12050 I:minerBagT2=12051 I:mouldyWheat=12052 I:mulch=12053 I:oakStick=12054 I:peat=12055 I:phosphor=12056 I:pipette=12057 I:pollen=12058 I:pollenFertile=24756 I:propolis=12059 I:refractoryBiofuel=12060 I:refractoryBiomass=12061 I:refractoryEmpty=12062 I:refractoryFuel=12063 I:refractoryHoney=12064 I:refractoryIce=12065 I:refractoryJuice=12066 I:refractoryLava=12067 I:refractoryOil=12068 I:refractorySeedOil=12069 I:refractoryWater=12070 I:refractoryWax=12071 I:royalJelly=12072 I:sapling=12073 I:scoop=12074 I:serumGE=24757 I:shortMead=12075 I:solderingIron=12076 I:stamps=12077 I:sturdyMachine=12078 I:thermionicTubes=12079 I:treealyzer=12080 I:vialCatalyst=12081 I:waterCan=12082 I:waxCapsule=12083 I:waxCapsuleBiofuel=12084 I:waxCapsuleBiomass=12085 I:waxCapsuleFuel=12086 I:waxCapsuleHoney=12087 I:waxCapsuleIce=12088 I:waxCapsuleJuice=12089 I:waxCapsuleOil=12090 I:waxCapsuleSeedOil=12091 I:waxCapsuleWater=12092 I:waxCast=12093 I:woodPulp=12094 I:wrench=12095 } This is the only entries for item ids for Forestry. I've checked Big Dig and checked FTB Ultimate and both mod packs have similar config files (although FTBU is for 1.4.7, I don't see much difference in the listed item ids).
  12. Reading 2 of my other posts in this thread, it should be clear that those requirements are met since I've said before that Arboretums (tree farms) are working fine in my multifarm. Arboretums & Crop farms are practically the same execpt for the germling. I hope this is more clearer now.
  13. Arboretum and Crop Farm require dirt. I am using dirt for both setups.
  14. Seems that the device works, but does not report power being supplied. Also, steam engines from TE report 0 MJ/t generated when turned on and connected to redstone energy conduit or directly to a cell.
  15. Tree farm works, which eats up fertilizer. I've already corrected the config file way before setting up the farm.
  16. I am unable to use the Acclimatiser as it gives me a warning/error that there isn't any power going to it. My power network feeds it power till my energy cells run dry and still the machine reports not enough power and the sand I use inside is used up.
  17. Crops multifarm isn't planting, tree farm auto plants and harvests. Is there something new that has to be done to make this work?
  18. I forgot to mention that I had already tried an Ultimate Energy Cube between the turbine and a UC > RECondit which also did not work. I'm going to try different configs, but if you have a working design please let me know.
  19. I have setup a "working on older version of atomic science" fission reactor. The thermometer has readings going into 1500C but the Turbine never turns. Is there a known issue when using Universal cable and Redstone Conduit for the power lines? I have a setup as such: turbine > 2 Universal Cable > stretch of redstone conduit > 2 Universal Cable > Redstone Energy Cell. I've even removed the 2 UCs to the REC and still, no power. REC was at 30% charge.
  20. Are these dedicated or vps servers? What is the RAM config (dedicated or shared) and overload shared load of the servers? Are they are on the same vps? It might very well be that your host has one of your servers hosted on a box that hosts many other mc servers with high load.
  21. I am have a different problem with the Universal Cabling system. The liquid energy causes tremendous fps loss when using them in a large cable network.
  22. Why is the Wee!Flowers Mod setup to work on the Moon? Why does the windmill work on the moon, yet we need oxygen collectors to breathe due to no atmosphere? Why can I make buckets from chocolate milk?
  23. I have 2 dynamic tanks. 1 has a rancher with 2 cows pouring several mb of milk into 1 tank. I started with 4 buckets and using cocoa beans I was able to create 11 more buckets. Anyone else notice this bug? The recipe for chocolate milk doesn't say anything about getting a choc-milk bucket and an empty one, but I seem to get them none-the-less.
  24. I've attempted to pump world gen sewage into a dynamic tank, but have run into issues with the BC pump and the new pump in UE trying to pump this liquid. Is it not possible to remove this liquid via a pump system? I know these machines work with water and oil.
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