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  1. The electrocutions traps dont kill quantum instantly... Also, quantum can do a 8 blocks jump and avoid it... Edit: Sorry for double post.
  2. Gem can fly over a nuke and avoid it. Also, gem still wins even if it takes 6 hours
  3. SarzaelX


    http://community.playstarbound.com/index.php Note: Many of this info is outdated (There are a lot more details in forums, so check them). To the ones who played Terraria it will be familiar, and may think it is a clone, however, it is not. It is much more and better than Terraria. To the news ones, well, look. Starbound The Chucklefish team took a chunk of time out of their development day yesterday to answer questions from excited fans about their recently announced game, Starbound. During the Q&A session, the game was thoroughly outlined and many new details were discov
  4. In that last part on which you said Nano Saber beats Quantum you made me understand reading whats left of your post isnt worth it. QUANTUM. ISNT. DESTROYED. BY. NANO. SABER!!! Nano Armor is destroying by Nano Saber, not quantum ;_; And katar deals 22 Freaking hearts of damage per hit.
  5. Make Mass Fabricator. Use electricity to make UU-Matter. Convert UU-Matter into Diamonds. Convert them in EMC.
  6. So, if for example i host an LAN World with my singleplayer only mods, will the other player on my house who also has those mods installed in client be able to play those mods with me? Awesome!
  7. That... That... THAT MEANS... MULTIPLAYER AETHER... Once they update. Edit: Also multiplayer Zeppelin Mod (The one with controller block to drive any thing as if it was a ship)
  8. Deployer+Cow+Condenser=Diamond Factory. Geothermal Generator+Condenser+MKI Collector=Infinite Energy. By the way, Dark and Red Matter dont need energy by theirselves, but their special powers do, and lots. Swiftwolf takes almost no energy? Fly for 30 mins and it consume my whole fully charged omega.
  9. Your Gem Armor-Quantum Armor comparisons are very poorly done. Gem Armor: It doesnt absorb ALL damage, however the only way you would ever get damage is if someone deals you 980 Hearts in a SINGLE HIT, which only happens trough Nukes or Charged Creepers. Perma Sprint, Jetpack-Alike fly, Lightning, Explosion, Unbreakable. Quantum Armor: It absorbs all damage, but will run out of energy (Not break) after a while (How much time does it take to deal 267K of damage to someone?) Perma Sprint, 8 Blocks Jump, Hunger-Restauration, Giantic amounts of energy, Rechargeable. In a long, but i
  10. Ey I bought a tekkit server, Pm me back if you want to play

  11. Just use Project Table. I find it better than Crafting Table III.
  12. Hey, im searching someone to play with. I will host an server while im online, but it needs hamachi. No skype is needed, or anything similar. Dont behave like a kid, i dont care of age, but dont do things like raging for stupid things. However, have an sense of humour. The world will be new and 100% Survival. This is NOT a server, im just looking someone to play with. You may bring if you want, up to a friend. If this is in wrong place, move it please. By the way, im on ver 3.1.1, not 3.1.2.
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