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  1. I'm not proficient in java, I wish I had the time to learn it but I don't. So correct me if I'm wrong, but if another mod was affecting netherores providing correct macerating instructions to MC, wouldn't the macerations not work with copper and tin. If maybe the reasoning is these are added by a mod, then what about diamonds, coal and redstone all macerating correctly? Most people put Nether Coal directly in the furnace, so I decided to see if it works in the macerator and it does. So this tells me that maybe there was an oversight in the code, or some mistake that was overlooked? Sadly I don't find it odd that it hasn't been fixed yet since TehCrush (or TehKrush depending how anal you are about his name) specifically said he wasn't updating it for 1.2.5, instead waiting for 1.3. I seriously doubt that TehC(K)rush would object to anyone taking it upon themselves to correct the mistake as long as they ask for his permission, then maybe get the Tekkit team to add it to the server files so that the rest of us (obviously OCD ridden) server owners can update our servers with a fuller working version of Nether Ores. I'd greatly appreciate anyone who decided to take on this project.
  2. People don't try to be an asshole, and it's obviously not cool to be an asshole. Labeling someone an asshole is based on perception, I don't see these people as assholes at all, they're merely stating a point. If that point happens to be condescending to a moron who obviously posted something without reading first then so be it. Now in my perception we have a lot of fools replying here, they are all defending the first idiot who started this discussion. The reason I'm calling them fools is they are enabling people to ask questions that have answers already on these forums. If you read up a little there are a ton explanations of how these mods are updated, nevermind that if you're wondering how long the 1.3 version of Industrial Craft is going to be, or any other mod that is included in Tekkit, you don't ask here, you ask on their own forums or minecraft forums post. Then add into the fact that Tekkit relies on a MCPC port of all the mods, so it all relies on Bukkit. (on a side note, the first RB for bukkit has been released, http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/craftbukkit-1-3-1-r1-0-is-now-available.91330/)
  3. The problem must lie in the Nether Ores class files, I'm 100% sure of this, the reasoning behind this assumption is the fact that Ic2 and RedPower do not have nether ores, thus couldn't have a recipe to macerate them. So the problem must be in some code in one of the nether ores class files that attempts to insert the recipes for nether iron and gold into the IC2 recipes list for macerators. If I knew anything about java and had the source files for nether ores I'd fix this myself, but alas I don't have the time to do it, although I really wish I did.
  4. We'll necro this thread again in another five months.
  5. If the problem was Forge not knowing what a macerator is when it loads NO before IC then the problem should extend to all the NO macerator recipes, not just gold and iron. At least that's what I'm thinking.
  6. Well let's say some idiot grabs the AdvancedMachines Bukkit port download off MCPC, then throws up an adf.ly link for it on here for people who want the bukkit version of AdvancedMachines without getting the entire tekkit pack. AtomicStryker could find out and would be a little mad that his port is making some idiot money so he'll request the link be taken off these forums. With the rule in place our forum team can then say to Atomic "It's not our fault he's a moron and didn't read the rule, we'll give him the stupid newbie tag then put him in a sack and beat him with a board." Also I'm pretty sure it's spelled psilon, but I could be wrong.
  7. I think you don't read up on what you're talking about. The first RB is never tested, if you actually keep up with Bukkit news you'd know that. Hell EvilSeph even states it very clearly in the news for the Bukkit 1.3 version. http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/when-will-craftbukkit-for-1-3-be-released.88921/ He states... He then responds later on to someone asking about this statement... So VideoBoy, you're statement is correct, most of the time, but for initial releases you actually want to stay away from the first RB.
  8. Does anyone here not think that is asking for an ETA? There is a rule about asking for an eta in the global rules post. It clearly states If you scroll down a little further it also says...
  9. I'm not familiar with the Mac Launcher you're referring to, but I can tell you exactly how to fix your problem with the technic launcher on a Mac instead of having to wait for your original launcher to update. Go here file://Users/usernamehere/Library/Application Support/techniclauncer and make a shortcut to the techniclauncher file in that directory on your desktop. Then you just launch from that. I had the exact same problem on my Macbook Pro with the technic launcher.
  10. Epic. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.
  11. I think littleweseth is dead on here, I think you're getting the Minecraft and Tekkit version numbers mixed up. Minecraft just upgraded to 1.3 from 1.2.5, but Tekkit doesn't have a version for Minecraft 1.3 yet. If you're old server is running Minecraft 1.2.5 then you'll most likely be on Tekkit 3.1.1 or 3.1.2 so you're probably already on the latest version of Tekkit. And before you ask "When is Tekkit going to come out for 1.3?" the answer is at least a few weeks, maybe longer.
  12. There's a bukkit plugin called Turnstile that does a similar effect. I'm not sure if it uses IC coins as currency though, so you'll have to add in an econ plugin, then if you still want to use IC coins as currency just allows players the option to sell them using a global shop etc.