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  1. Still one of the rockinest servers out there. Workin' on some cool stuff, and new towns popping up for players to build in. Join us today! -metnavman
  2. Server has got some new goodies added! Come join us for a fun weekend!
  3. Hey folks! This is Metnavman. I'm writing today to tell you about one of the best Tekkit servers I've played on. Raidkraft! First and foremost, this is an EE-BANNED server. With the exception of a couple storage items, you're not going to cruise your way to easy loots. This is one of the main reasons I've stayed to play for so long here. The awesome economy-style progression, cool staff, and hilarious atmosphere keep everything fresh, and worth logging into on a daily basis. If you can't read rules, don't show up. The iron fist that this server is ruled under may be a turn-off to some. However, if you thrive under a strong rule-set that allows for emergent PvP and griefing in a world designed for cutthroat mining/exploration and progression to a safe "town-building" world, then this server is for you. If you can't mind the rules, or drool from your mouth when completing basic tasks, you may want to look elsewhere. Come join us in one of the many established towns, carve a name for yourself in the dangerous wilds, and leave your mark on one of the best servers around! -THINGS OF NOTE- This server resets the mining world every so often. The date for this is posted at the mining world spawns. The server is UK-located, so American players should make note of the time difference. The mine world can reset the day before. Most EVERYTHING is posted at the /warp help and /warp FAQ sections of spawn. It only take a couple minutes of reading to have an answer to pretty much everything you'll want to know about playing here. Shitting up general chat with questions answered 100s of times a day is annoying. Speaking of "shit", swearing is NOT ALLOWED in world chat. Private messages, some town chats, and mod-discretion is exercised, but skirting the swear filter/acting like a jackass will get you banned in a hurry. Don't hack. There's about 10 zillion anti-hack mods installed on the server, and there's almost always an Admin online in some fashion. They monitor things pretty hard. All you'll manage to do is get your account banned. Go bug less sophisticated servers, if you're trying to ruin someone's day. Town World and Mine World are TWO DIFFERENT PLACES. Read up on it. You CANNOT build in Town World without belonging to a town and owning a plot there. You cannot start your own town without 35k mana(almost 2 weeks of playtime), to prevent new players/drifters from shitting up the Town World. If you want to make your own town, hang out, get to know people, and keep playing! Otherwise, join a town, locate a plot for sale (/towny map, look for the green "$"s), and get to building. Mining world is FFA PVP. ANYTHING GOES. The only real rule out there is to not spawn camp the opening areas. Other than that, ANYTHING GOES. Someone takes a dump on your above-ground house with a giant "grief me" sign posted on the front door, tough shit. Someone finds your bedrock-level base and takes everything from your chests? Tough cookies. Hide better. ANYTHING GOES IN MINE WORLD. Come play with us, if you think you've got what it takes.
  4. Regular chest. I swapped between that and an iron chest from an add on and neither wants to work. Ive done what I'm trying to do on another world and it worked perfectly. No add on changes or updates since then, so I'm at a loss.
  5. I've got another stumper along the same line. My automatic crafting tables are set up directly next to a chest that's being fed Ingots. The ACTs are set to turn those ingots into blocks, and then the blocks are pulled from the ACTs via MK1 pipes w/extractor modules inserted. The ACTs refuse to pull from the chest, even though they are directly next to them.
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