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  1. I get where you are coming from, but dubstep is different, dubstep is just defined as electronic music which instead of having 4 beats per bar, it has 2. That is the only difference between dubstep and other music. And this is the same kind of difference with other forms of music... Rap will generally have a lot of vocals and a signature accompaniment. That is the difference between rap and other music. also regarding appreciation, although dubstep musicians dont have to sing, they have to digitally recreate every sound. You cant just whip out a new instrument to make their sounds. a lot of dubstep artists have their significant sound. On top of this, in modern day pop songs, you will have maybe two or three vocal tracks and 10-15 other tracks containing synths, drums, guitar riffs and so on. These guys can have up to 50 different tracks on the same song. They also have to make sure that each track has got the perfect mix of added effects like distortion or bass/treble levels. And then finally, they have to make sure each track is on time perfectly with the tempo. These guys are awesome at what they do. btw big ups for being in a band i always wanted to make music but never had the time to lol I remember that song. I thought he was talking about flux pavillion, but i was confused when he said survive phrase one. oh well
  2. My favourite genre is chillstep too although I also like brostep, Chillstep is great because it really shows the musicality of dubstep and it doesn't have to be wub-wubs every now and then. Songs you should listen to are Arkasia - Invisible Bridge Zedd - Spectrum (Lucky Star Remix) Xilent - Touch Sound Kill Paris - Tender Love Adventure Club - Rise and Fall ft. Krewella and for some Chill Glitch Hop Seven Lions - She Was
  3. What is the difference between Voltz and the Universal Electricity pack in the FTB Launcher
  4. My Review of this server: Pros: Firstly I love how there are only 4 banned items and that I can make pretty much anything I want, I have been looking for a good server and all the good EE items are banned including the philosophers stone because it makes a mess of stone houses. Secondly I like how the faction has got all of these famous youtubers in it, I walked in to the market and there was everyone in Yogscast, they were unresponsive and weren't on the player list but its just a nice thing to be on the server. There is absolutely no Lag, and there is no entirely griefed spawn like many others i have visited. Cons: Dupes and EMC Glitches aren't fully covered for example i can double my EMC by converting everything to stone, then crafting slabs from that stone and then putting it back in the condenser since Stone is 1 EMC and Stone Slab is 1 EMC and i can make 6 Slabs from 3 Stone. I am yet to see a server that can fix these flaws. I love this server it is always on, although there were a few times it was off but that may have been updates and there are really nice and interactive staff. I definitely recommend this server.
  5. I love dubstep and i made a youtube playlist of my top 25 Artists: xKore - Heaviest dubstep ever, you won't disagree Seven Lions - Makes some awesome chillstep stuff KDrew - He makes remixes of pop songs and also sings Dirtyphonics - Although he primarily makes D&B, he makes some awesome dubstep Regarding electrohouse, there are a few good artists but i only like the subgenre of it called complextro Here are some complextro artists: Far Too Loud Enio Darth and Vader Hypster Also i love listening to mixes as well and my favourites are" Excision Shambhala SKisM Division Mixes xKore Mixtape P.S. all of those mixes are free by the artist :)
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