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  1. Yes I mean that. Could you help me out and give me a few pointers on the process?
  2. I am thinking of starting a small private server and want to use McAdmin. I was just wondering if any one else has tried this etc. Let me know your thoughts and what would be the easiest way to set it up. I dont want a whole lot of plugins or any thing, I am basically gana have it just like single player.
  3. Your In Game Name: XxGENSOUxX Your Age:21 How often are you planning on playing:Every Weekend For experienced players, the structure you are most proud of building: For new players, what are you hoping to achieve on Verve: My building skills, And learn alot about tekkit through personal exp For everyone, why do you think Verve is the server for you: Its very simple, so it will be alot easier to get use to tekkit, plus with only 20 slots there should be a family like environment. Additional Comments: Hope to get accepted and start my adventure
  4. i guess the server is not going to be fixed? the reason ur not whitelisted is because no one is. the whitelist got deleted some how.
  5. im made a tekkit server with bukkit. i do all the above an i keep getting errors, id conflict then the server gets stuck on loading an wont startup
  6. how did u get forestry to work. i cant it gets errors an the server wont start up
  7. I need help. I have a mfsu and when i plug my machines in it drains my mfsu reallly quick. But my machines dont get the power. Can some one help me?
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