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  1. Server Version : 1.0.10b _________________________ IP : Ashlands.mymc.io _________________________ Description : We are a bilingual (english and french) and friendly community based in Quebec but anyone from anywhere around the world is welcome. There are factions created by players and these factions can raid or declare war on other factions (see rules for raids below). We mostly use Skype to communicate. This server is still a WIP but we are ready to welcome people in. Raid & Faction Rules : At least half of the opposite faction's players must be online for a raid to b
  2. I have problem with ID mismatches and a biiiig wall of text that comes just before this 2013-05-14 21:44:12 [infos] [sTDOUT] Clearing dim cache 2013-05-14 21:44:12 [infos] [sTDERR] java.lang.NullPointerException 2013-05-14 21:44:12 [infos] [sTDERR] at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.dimHelper.save(dimHelper.java:1019) 2013-05-14 21:44:12 [infos] [sTDERR] at StevenDimDoors.mod_pocketDim.ConnectionHandler.connectionClosed(ConnectionHandler.java:47) 2013-05-14 21:44:12 [infos] [sTDERR] at cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkRegistry.connectionClosed(NetworkRegistry.java:219) 2013-
  3. Title: Mass Fabricator stopped working suddenly Version: 3.0.3/3.0.4 OS: Windows 7 64 bit Java Version: Java Version: 1.6.0_31 Description of Problem: My mass fabricator was working and suddenly it just stopped wether I break it and put it back, spawn another one or put it in a different place. Error Messages: Error Log: EDIT: Fixed, there was a redstone current going through it without me knowing it
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