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  1. I was demoted from this awesome server! I was a co-owner, but since I neglected to be active the other owner demoted me. I am sorry for any problems I caused. -Kenneth Endfinger
  2. Please apply on Thanks!
  3. Hello! Please re-post this on the following site: Please follow the format here:
  4. And may I say, while I am young, do you think a Minecraft Modder like me is smart enough to run a server? (PROOF: Also I think your original post was meant for your server. Sorry that you clicked on the wrong post. :D
  5. First off, I am 13. Second, you are a dickhead! Third, Racer (Also an Owner) is 20 years old. And you rollback your server all the time. We haven't rolled back this server ever! So yeah screw you.
  6. Guys please don't use this server. It is laggy and especially don't donate. Lots of people got ripped off from this place.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. I wasn't aware our post had been approved. A quick check on a Ban site says you guys have clean records. To join go to and create a post in the format of: IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THIS FORMAT, YOU WILL BE DECLINED INSTANTLY! In game name: Age: Do you have Teamspeak 3: If yes, Will you be active(Not really needed): How long have you been playing Minecraft/Tekkit: Do you know anyone that already plays on here: If yes, Who: Timezone: And Finally Use These sites are used to show us the possibly dark and mysteroiuse past that you may or may not have had. If you had a ban in the past explain the circumstances and we will think about it. And once in game be respectful, be mature, and most importantly have fun! AFTER THIS YOU WILL BE ACCEPTED!
  8. The reason this happens is because text renders as if it were on the very back of the monitor. Not really sure why it flickers in particular, but I know that is part of it.
  9. Spawn: Website: Teamspeak Server: Tekkit Server: Disabled Mods: None Banned Items: Everything that explodes. *Ex: TnT, Nuke, ect..* (Nuclear Power Plant is enabled.) Mk3 Relays and Collectors MK2 Relay and Collectors *They aren't banned, Just Donator only* To Get Whitelisted: To get whitelisted, please navigate to our website and fill out a whitelist application (Guests can post on our forums for the whitelist application). We check them frequently, so just hang in there for us to reply. The whole staff team can add people to whitelist, Not just owners. Plugins Running on the server: LWC Factions (We allow Peaceful Factions.) PEX WorldBorder DynMap (Factions, WorldGuard DynMap Enabled.) iConomy ChestShops MobBounty Reload NoItem NoLagg MultiWorld WorldEdit WorldGuard Summary about Industrial Warfare: Our community is friendly, and we are pretty active on teamspeak (When able to). Our staff team is slowly building as we get people, So we are basically promoting people frequently. We run a tight ship with staff members, If they abuse their powers we take care of it, Staff members are there to help, Not get ahead of everyone else. There is 2 owners, Me, and Kendfinger. We both are quite knowledgeable on tekkit servers, so if an issue rises, the issue should get fixed in an appropriate time. I personally have been working on Minecraft servers for 2 years now. Roughly 4 months on Hmod, then from CraftBukkit till now. I just started branching into Tekkit servers about a month or 2 ago. If you would like to know more information about us, Please feel free to contact us on our website. Rules: Don't be Racist Don't Screw Around Please don't bug or spam chat. Don't exploit bugs. NOTES: Comments Section - (Defensive Arguments) We have never rolled back our Server. EVER!
  10. So I have a server where about 9 people play for a survival series. I am looking for more plugins to install to improve Tekkit. I have the basics like: Essentials (and Extras) Towny GroupManager LogBlock WorldEdit WorldGuard LWC DeathTPPlus MultiWorld InfoButton ChestShop World Portal NoItem I am looking for any plugins that will just do anything! I love PLUGINS!
  11. Kind of the same thing I was implying.
  12. Agreed! If they ever take EE out I can assure you they would cry about it.