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  1. Your In Game Name: SnorkelTryne Your age: 16 Where you are from: Norway Something about you (optional): Why you want to join the server (optional): Just want to play some tekkit on a sever.
  2. Username: SnorkelTryne Age: 15 Why Tekkitopia? I just want a server to play on. Seeing as this server is located in Sweden I assume I will have no lag issues. (Located in Norway myself.) Your secret code: 12Sno
  3. Shit double post, servers didn't respond sorry. Can I delete posts? Not used to these forums.
  4. Minecraft IGN: SnorkelTryne Age: 15. Gender: Male. Location: Norway. Why do you want to play on T4?: I'm just looking for a server to help me start learning the new Tekkitm seeing as I have not played Tekkit in quite a while. Describe your past experiences in Minecraft, in particular modded servers: Nothing particular, I generally like smaller severs where I can integrate in the community easily. I have had fun, then kinda stopped playing Tekkit, and forgetting about the server.