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  1. 1. Username (in game username) : Vilger36 2. Amount of experience w/ Tekkit on a scale of 1-10:8 i'm pretty good, but I don't know everything (1 being no experience, 10 being plenty of experience) 3. How often do you think you will be on the server per week? (This is just for reference):I will be on this server only on the weekends (school) 4. Do you plan on donating? (This will help us to keep up the server):no, sorry but I don't know how and i don't have the time. 5. (Last question.) Do you know what a red matter flower is? (Also for reference.): Isn't it the most powerful energy condensers?... thanks any ways!!
  2. IGN:Vilger36 Age:16 Project you plan to build: Minecraft experience:I know everything Tekkit experience:I know alot about it Why you want to join the server:because it has everything enabled and i hate getting griefed
  3. AGE:- 16 IGN:-Vilger36 Minecraft/Tekkit experience:-not bad, know alot of things. Extra information is always appreciated:-I love to help people and build huge things, i HATE grief though
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