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  1. In Game Name:Ybk1026 Age:17 How Long I Have Played With Tekkit:Not much but i know most and i love it Have I Ever Been Banned: no. Why I Would Like To Work On This Project: I love to help people out. its a good thing and i love building! Previous Building Experience: a few factories but many many townys omg u wouldd not beleive how many town i have hgelped with
  2. IGN -Ybk1026 Age -17 Have you ever been banned? Why? No. Experience with Tekkit? Not much but i LOVE it so far. Why do you want on the server?I want to build and create stuff especcialy in partnerships and i like to help newbies out with tekkit learning Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this?yes i am aware of that. :P
  3. IGN:Ybk1026 Age:17 Experience with Tekkit: 2 weeks and i already LOVE it!; Its been fun learning about it if i hadn't i would have been mind f-ed!!! lol. Did you read the rules: Yup!
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