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  1. Same it said "You are not white-listed" so yah please fix ASAP. Thanks! Can't wait to join this server :P
  2. Request to Join: Name: Phumeuphong IGN: Phumeuphong Age 13 Tekkit exp: I have a big understanding with quarries Time Spent on Minecraft Alot on Weekends, about 1 hour on weekdays Why I want to Join: I want to play on a Tekkit Server and learn more for my Youtube Series and maybe put this as my youtube video once in awhile. Thanks for reading and enjoy your day Email: [email protected] Thanks for reading and enjoy your day
  3. User id: Phumeuphong Age: 13 Tekkit Experience (0-10): About a 7ish Minecraft Experience (0-10): 10ish I love MC Do you intend to be a decent human being (yes/no): Yes! What would you like to do on our server? Make a nice community and maybe get my own town and have lots of fun and help the community grow with new buildings! Thank you for reading my application and I hope I see you guys on the server!
  4. Username : Phumeuphong Age: 13 Country/Timezone: US Pacific Coast Time Zone Years playing Minecraft : 2 years Previous op/mod experience? : yes I have helped many servers What you feel you can contribute : I can contribute nice builds and start a nice community Time you can contribute to the server : About 1 hour a day give or take of my schedule Do you have any Mysql, Java, or HTML experience? How many years? : no I dont have that much of any of that experience D: Other information you feel may be pertinent : I'm a good leader. Thanks for reading my application and hope to see you guys online
  5. In-Game Name: Phumeuphong Age: 13 Experience with Tekkit: I have been playing for about 3 weeks so I know a lot Did you read the rules?: Yes I have Why were you banned?[if not leave blank]: blank
  6. IGN - Phumeuphong Age - 13 Have you ever been banned? Why? Never been banned Experience with Tekkit? I'm slightly new and all I know about Tekkit is how to build a quarry and thats it. Why do you want on the server? I would like to be on this server because according to your description I can tell this is a great, organized, and awesome community you guys have not to mention its probably a lot of fun so this server stood out. Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? I am 100% ok with it, since I don't know Tekkit that well I'm probably not gonna use them anyways and most of the banned items are probably used by griefers so I support the things that are disabled. Thanks for reading my application and my friend billcmich will be writing his resume soon too. Thanks!
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