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  1. Sorry for the downtime guys. We're back online now. FlamingHobo98
  2. There have been a few tweaks to the server so it should run a little bit smoother now. None of which really affect the gameplay, apart from the fact that the tank carts have been disabled to prevent duping. Thanks FlamingHobo98
  3. Hey guys, the server is back up now, and fully operational on the VPS. I thank you for your patience during the transfer. FlamingHobo98
  4. The server is only whitelisted while I get everything in order, it'll all be exactly the same as before, so you don't have to worry.
  5. Ok, sorry for the late reply, seems my email alerts don't seem to be working anymore... What's going on is the server is down because I am moving it to a VPS, but its proving to be more problematic than I expected. I hope you can be as patient as I can, as the end result should mean that we no longer have any lag. Thanks for your patience. FlamingHobo98
  6. I run my server from 1.5Gb of Ram and its hosted, and there isn't much lag (if any). I'll give this new release a try Thanks for the help
  7. Hi there Tekkit Gurus, I run a 15 slot Tekkit Classic server, and I'm thinking of upgrading to the new Tekkit My questions are: - What is the minimum amount of RAM I would need to have 15 people on at once with no lag? - Are there any tips you can give regarding disabling certain mods, banning items etc. so that the server is as secure, stable and lag free as possible. Thanks a bunch guys
  8. I've also noticed a few people being able to do this on my server. I have the config of NEIServer.cfg all set to OP so they shouldnt be able to spawn items... but they can. Please give us a heads up on any suggestions... Thanks.
  9. Thanks for having an interest! I'll keep an eye out for you and see if you have what it takes I would have more slots, but i'm afraid I cant afford more RAM to accommodate the extra slots. FlamingHobo98
  10. We have finished transferring to a new server host. Everything is exactly the same, so you can join now! Thanks for waiting FlamingHobo98
  11. I realise we did just have a small amount of downtime, but this was beyond our control. The problem has been resolved now. Thanks for your patience. FlamingHobo98
  12. We did just have a small bit of downtime due to some DNS errors, so it wouldn't let you join. Its fixed now. FlamingHobo98 edit: Same has happened again. Join the server with the ip: Will hopefully be fixed soon. It is out of our control at the moment. Thanks for your patience
  13. I realise there has been a lot of lag lately, and i am working on finding out the cause. Thanks for your patience FlamingHobo98
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