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  1. Hey, i have been white listed but have some problems with forrestry. Bewood if u can give me a link to froestry then i can install, plz help me i really wanna to join you community.
  2. IGN: skyer6 About me: I am a player who hates to be griefed and stealed from. I like to build with my creativity and have fun with other players. Location: Timezone +01:00 , and i am from Norway. Why tekkitia: I choosen to try to get in to tekkitia cause it seems like it is no griefers there. And i hope i dont get bothered by other's MOD's this time. I will not make no mess on the server, i just wanna play tekkit and have fun. I can help the server with ideas and building. Hope i can join ~skyer6
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