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  1. So, what's CoFH again? Edit: Found it, looks the World.cfg on Hexxit configures the ores to be available on 128 level..
  2. So, judging from this wiki, Wild Cave 3 is in charge of the random ore generation through out Hexxit. However, when I use Wild Cave 3 in another modpack, it doesn't seem to do so. So it can be either another mod is in charge of the random ore generation or there's some changes been done to the Hexxit's Wild Cave 3 mod, anyone mind telling me which?
  3. Not sure why but Alchemy Chest doesn't seem to work, again lol I'm also wondering why there's multiple pics of the sides of the Alchemy Chest in the folder when there's only one pic showing the whole chest inside the EE Only one pic about the alchemy chest in the original mod: As highlighted And several pics of te alchemy chest in the support pack (showing all sides): Are highlighted Don't know why the others work though, only the Chest
  4. Re: TheMadWolf's WolfCraft Upcoming Technic Pack Support Yup, already know about this pack and waiting for it I posted about it about pages ago lol
  5. Been a while since the last update, doing good? P.S Sorry for the double post
  6. Not only the Weaponmod, the Alchemy chest isn't working as well
  7. Also I've seen some of the Balkon Weapons mod in the support pack but doesn't seem to be implemented into the game
  8. Crafting Table II is also in the pack, hopefully you can find the Faithful version of it :)
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