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  1. My AOTB server consistently uses about 1.6gb of ram, well above the 1200 mb they say the plan comes with and I have never heard word one about it. Cpu usage is never an issue excepting the odd wierd bug that is usually cleared up pretty easily or a simple restart fixes. I get no complaints about lag, though one bulld area is really starting to drop the framerate due to the LARGE amount of microblocks. I can switch between mod packs, or go vanilla, depending on what the guys want to play on any given day (currently AOTB and FTB Horizons). I have had absolutely zero issues. It does exactly what
  2. I have had no issues with Akliz. http://www.akliz.net/
  3. Another option is a good sized archimedes ship and a bunch of strong boxes. Strong boxes can be picked up with the crescent wrench and moved with all the items insdie. I simply pick them up and put them on my ship, fly it home, and then place the strong boxes next to pipes with extraction chips installed. A bit slower perhaps then the other options but looks really cool on the server. My ship has a decidedly viking ship look to it and looks really awesome parked just outside my tower.
  4. You put the mob essence bucket in the preferences grid. You will need at least one pnuematic servo to move the fluid from the tank into the unifier.
  5. Well that explains it. I was wondering why nothing looked right in the display cases. Did not even realize I had it on fast graphics.
  6. I thought they had already pretty much said they were not supporting the 1.6.4 version anymore?
  7. Yeah just my luck to be so unlucky I did not have any issues in earlier versions of AOTB. I think it was 1.0.10a when I fist encountered the corruption but managed to get past it using MCEdit. 1.0.11 and 11a was when I started to repeatedly run into the bug before reading some where about disabling village spawning. Have had zero issue since though there are no cutless on my server at the moment as no one has found a village yet. lol I did try removing the necromancy mod in 11a and still ran into a corruption issue so it may not be an issue with just necromancy and more of a compati
  8. Lucky you, I have never been able to get them to stick anything in a chest lol
  9. I have 3 backed up wrecked worlds due to the corruption bug. I know from firsthand experiance exactly why they opted to disable village spawning. I was already disabling village spawning in versions before 1.0.12a.
  10. Hmm... I had not considered that. Explains the lag at my "workshop". 4 big tanks - sludge, both types of XP, and lava. Will rethink my tank setups now.
  11. I removed every biome on that config and then went around the already explored areas and slaughtered dinos. I think they still spawn in much larger volumes then before. They also never spawned underground before this update as well. Nothing like finding a t-rex spawned in a large cave area at level 20. I explored a large cave system and found hundreds upon hundreds of them spawned all the way to almost bedrock. Took me a few hours to clean up the portal area and just clear the surface areas that have been explored. There is still an issue with tropi mobs spawning to much IMO.
  12. I did that already but it still doesn't fix the spawn rates which are the bigger issue. Running at 100% cpu and eating a ton of memory is making the server unplayable. If someone goes into the Tropi realm it usually requires a server restart to get things back to normal. . Stuck it in the tracker http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/issue-2793-tropicraft-mob-spawn-rates-excessive/
  13. LOL, I thought about that but made a dubstep gun instead. I may have to make the Tropicraft realm off limits until this can get fixed. Or remove it entirely....
  14. Anyone else have a problem with the spawn rates for the dinos being out of control? Even in the cave systems they are spawning everywhere and the big guys (trex, brach) are destroying huge swaths above ground and underground. But hey the good news is monkeys are spawning again..... lol
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