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  1. Was the server reset? I got dumped somewhere random with no items. Edit - I think the server's broken, or at least not running Tekkit any longer. I explored for a good hour after what I think was a reset, and have yet to find any Tekkit ores or mob drops.
  2. Server doesn't seem to work, "Can't reach server" on both IPs given above (jkjcraft.zapto.org and JKJCraft.zapto.org).
  3. Why the hostility? First of all, I didn't notice that response, and second, I thought this might have been an issue unrelated to that one, since the quarry is pre-update while the pulverizer is new.
  4. I haven't played Tekkit since the last big update, and the wiki isn't helping much - I have a quarry set up and 2 steam (not stirling) engines connected to it via a single block of Redstone energy conduit. It works very slowly, so I thought I should hit the conduit with the wrench, maybe I had it backwards. All 3 sockets on the pipe changed to orange, and the quarry stopped working altogether. I changed it back to blue, and the quarry suddenly sped up and spat out about 18 blocks. However, it would not do so after an equivalent amount of time with the sockets at blue, and it spat out 1 block maybe every 10-15 seconds. Below is the setup I had with this, minus the few conduits under the quarry/engines - I added those later and they don't seem to do anything. What seems to be the cause of this? The engines are constantly fed and watered adequately.
  5. Redstone energy conduit seems to not work as well. Regular energy conduit will not place. Edit - My mistake, it does, albeit slowly. What can I do to speed up the process? Forgive me for my ignorance, I used solar panels before the switch over.
  6. Exactly as the title says. I haven't played Tekkit since the overhaul, so I'm having trouble finding my way around, and the wiki isn't too helpful. As far as I know, I should have an engine, a wooden conductive pipe, and something to use the energy. I've got a steam engine, pipe, and pulverizer. The engine seems to work (I put coal and water in and it creates energy and stores it in the bar on the left) but nothing happens from there, and the pulverizer does nothing, even when I've got ores in the pulverizer.
  7. It's only been a month, calm down. You're not helping this by replying, either.
  8. I haven't heard of this problem, but if you're crafty, you could leave that book in and make it a "Prison Age" like Spire or Haven. I think it would be pretty neat if you could terraform the world and make it interesting to explore while impossible to escape, like in Myst IV. Maybe make a library with this book as the centerpiece so it seems like a legitimate link.
  9. I believe that is what you need. However, you'll also need either pipes and engines or pneumatic pipes and filters to get all the stuff where you need to. I'd suggest probably a 10x10x10 room to build all of this in. Good luck.
  10. The ones I can think of: Lamps Luminators Redstone Ore (would require constant input to glow, though) Redstone Torches Torches Glowstone I would suggest getting a few Luminators and upgrading your solar panels. One thing I did to supplement my energy gain is to make a few water mills - 8 nets you about 8 per tick, although I'm not sure if I have the optimal setup so it may be possible to get more. Otherwise, maybe make a bunch of BatBoxes or an MFE so your house doesn't go dark in the night?
  11. I think I've had this problem before - I may be wrong, but your computer/server may not be able to run Java 7. It's what happened to me when I got that error, and the only thing that required Java 7 was Nether Ores. I felt it wasn't worth the hassle and just downgraded to the newest version of Java 6, and everything started running smoothly after that.
  12. The lock is not the issue - Normally, when you withdraw an item from the tablet, if it has enough EMC, it will let you withdraw more. On my tablet, however, when I withdraw an item it leaves an empty space (even though it has plenty of EMC) and it will also not let me navigate through different items.
  13. Right, turns out after a long time and some fiddling around with the server settings, the tablet still doesn't work properly -has anyone come up with a fix for this in the meantime?
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