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  1. The fact that you take the term so literally, only shows how low your intelligence is.
  2. (I'm hiring staff members, I highly suggest you read everything below before contacting me) Fellow members of TechnicPack.net and Bukkit.org, or guests if you just happened to stroll by this thread, I come before you today in invitation for extra hands on a task nearing conclusion for launch and continuation in progression after the 9th of this September. A task primarily encompassing a Tekkit server at this period. I’m looking for one who is probable of being committed to the community of Antrilo.com. Whether you’re positioned as a staff member, developer even my partner in administr
  3. Yep, NoItem just adds more functionality to those two.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/embed/fFyNwofqHzk ●────────────────────Description────────────────────● Didn't see a tutorial on how to open a port for a Minecraft server yet, at least no where on the first 3 pages of the sections mainly on how to administrate your tekkit server.. So I decided to post this video I recorded a while ago for the newbies. I may not mention tekkit in it, but it's only port ^_^
  5. Everyone knows that being able to configure your server -exactly- the way you want it, is more efficient than a complete over haul and removal potential stuff you may deemed useful. Rather than going the non-experienced route by removing the whole package just to solve 1 little issue. NoItem adds more functionality in this area to make it easier. So for one to be OCD about an "extra" plugin, is clearly not one to be experienced nor understanding of the best way to administrate the backbone of a server.
  6. @Dodge34 Agreed, 600mb wouldn't even be able to support 2 at a stable rate.
  7. No-Ip isn't going to solve his question. In-fact, alot assume that having using something like mc.domain.com will hide your IP and improve security.. Which isn't true. You can't actually hide your IP Address when running a server. In-fact, mc.domain.com or what ever the domain name be for connection to the server is just an edit of the DNS where it only serves as a re-direction to the actual IP Address. Your best choice is to purchase an additional static IP Address to run your server under or to purchase a server from a hosting company.
  8. It's a good thing he's talking about the server than : P
  9. The ability to actually go into space, where you can build so high before oxygen is lacked. Thus giving a good reason to add scuba related gear. I'm a big fan of scuba in Minecraft, so perhaps some more land under the deep seas. Corals, seaweed and ect. Along with a few more water mobs that spawn in groups rather than spread everywhere like squid.
  10. Check out http://Server4you.com Great deals on dedicated boxes at the moment, reason their so cheap is for being managed.
  11. You can also use the plugin NoItem to disable crafting and/or placing of EE items. http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/noitem/
  12. I hear she is going to talk to notch and get us globaly banned from Minecraft.net
  13. The reason you got the rank is for arguing like a little bitch word for word.. I got it to, but I deserved it for the most part in this one thread ^_^
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