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  1. Put the files from optifine.zip into modpack.jar, rather than minecraft.jar
  2. can someone that has it working can you upload the file somewhere please.......
  3. done let me know if it don't work or if i didn't explain it correctly
  4. i am using the dev files and there is nothing there about MoC
  5. ok i know how to do this give me five minutes to type it out ok 1. install Essentials Core into your server plugin folder 2. run server then type motd into the console should give warning about missing motd.txt 3. stop the server 4. open your plugins folder and search for motd.txt and open it in wordpad (Mine is in C:\Server\plugins\Essentials) 5. you need to add this to motd.txt &0&0 followed by &1 for cave mapping &2 for player &3 for animal &4 for mob &5 for slime &6 for squid &7 for other living followed by &e&f E.g Cave
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