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  1. Aww.....this always seems to happen. Its a lot of work, folks tire of it. Makes me wish I knew how to do this and could pick up where you left off. Hopefully someone that does have the know-how and patience to stick it out will pick it up...or maybe you will get the MC fever again and dig back into it and finish 'er up! It was looking sooo amazing!! /sadface Post your files for anyone that may have the talent and know-how to complete this fantastic project please!
  2. Story of my life...>.<....takes knowing me a bit to translate the 'derp' coming forth from me head! xD Thanks. This tells me what I need to know for now. Onto other possibilities for now.
  3. Forgive if this is the wrong place to post or already been asked somewhere. I'm working and using an old 3GS tester to sneak n research, do a Lil homework before I get home. Basically, I previewed a vid on Buildcraft showing Blueprints and a Builder that makes these things automatically. Me wants. I can tell (mind you, brand new to tekkit and admitted NUB, lol) this is only available in a 3.something version of Buildcraft, which is not in tekkit. Someone who knows bout this stuffs, talk to me! Explain why the mod within tekkit is 2.something and give me the deets, pros n cons, etc., involving upgrading mod versions within tekkit. Naughty Lil sumn to do or...possible n successful to run on a server? (I'm the host of our Lil server) Ps - any other 'nub' tidbits anyone would like to share or point me towards, please....reply!! Thanks!
  4. Looks great! I'm a bit confused though, is this downloadable for use with the latest Tekkit...or...still a WIP and I should wait for support on the other items listed above before I screw something up?
  5. This is looking awesome! Excellent work! Do you have any pics of the Building blocks and...oh...trees n such? Wood?
  6. How is this coming along? Anything you need help with? I'm dying for an LB photorealism like texture pack for tekkit! So far, this is looking hella sexy! Keep going please!