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  1. I stand by my earlier statement. Curse has the page views, now, and that's all they want. They may or may not roll out a token "launcher" service that might download and install mods from their site automatically, but I won't count on it. I also won't ever, ever use it (and it looks like most users on that Reddit thread won't either) because it'll be infested with ads and will be "supported" by Curse's... questionable... backend.
  2. Forge is the API that the mods work through. Forge is made by LexManos and cpw, and it's open-source. Forge comes with Tekkit Lite, yes. Everything you can use in Forge, you *should* (DISCLAIMER: MAYBE) be able to use with Tekkit Lite.
  3. Or just go to help.mojang.com and see that all their servers are down during one of the busiest times of the week.
  4. This is possibly the greatest .gif in existence
  5. Then I hope your solicitor has a sense of humor, because (s)he'll think you're joking. "A bunch of internet people made fun of me. I want to sue them for making me feel bad."
  6. I'm getting the same issue. Gonna go post it in Questions.
  7. Then by all means, feel free to downgrade to Tekkit 2 and face the wrath of your angry users. I won't lose any sleep.
  8. OP, the CPU and memory usage for Tekkit is (for the most part) caused by Buildcraft. Bugs are bugs. Tekkit can't push a new update every time a bugfix comes out, because server owners everywhere would miss the memo and bitch when their clients can't connect because someone wasn't watching their version numbers. They try to grab the most-stable (at the time) version of each mod and cram them together. The bugfixes will be implemented in due time, of course, but it's not possible for Tekkit to stay up-to-the-minute with new versions. The devs behind the pack have personal and work lives that (believe it or not) don't revolve around Minecraft (also the client-server version mismatch problems from not paying attention). If you want to add and fix stuff and submit a modpack.jar to the team, then by all means, go ahead! You may very well make someone's job a hell of a lot easier, and expedite the process of the current dev cycle.
  9. I did it with a Tekkit-server-generated world, and with a Tekkit world generated by MultiVerse, and one by TerrainControl via MultiVerse. Problem persists, as far as I can tell.
  10. Yup. I think it's something along the lines of you have to add a permission to the regular members like "-modifyworld.items.craft.<itemid>." I use Modifyworld, but it's probly something similar. If not, I'm new at the whole Bukkit thing, and sorry Look here for more.
  11. Clean Tekkit 3.0.4 server with only MultiVerse exhibits this behavior, I just checked. This is a sad day.
  12. Hmm, maybe someone can help you without skype. List the steps you took, your hardware, any error logs, etc. and post them here. Maybe someone will spot something simple, or direct you to a thread where this question has been answered before.
  13. PortalGun is not ported to Bukkit. Sorry. I want it as bad as you do, trust me. Also, don't sign posts. It's generally a no-no.