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  1. It was down for maintenance, yes.
  2. Server IP: Server rules: no griefing; don't kill new people just because they don't have no equipment; common sense applies. Plugins: Lockette, Description: Part of the Flux-Craft Minecraft server community, we have been looking at what YOU want. As of now we have servers in full operations and more to come! This is our newest server based off the popular Hexxit modpack! We hope you have tons of fun on our server! All our servers are hosted in Dallas Texas, USA. What makes us cooler? We track your stats, soon we will release profiles on our site for you to track your play time across all our servers! Server has 24/7 uptime. We expect players to have basic common sense and social skills. Don't be a dick for no reason, don't kill newspawns just because, and most importantly, don't grief. Server is not whitelisted! Bans are part of a network, though, and go across all the affiliated servers. If you have any questions, requests or issues, feel free to post them here or on our Facepunch thread!
  3. I was thinking a more overall system, so that it isn't dependant on a few items. Perhaps having a proper, varied diet would give you small bonuses (like resistance).
  4. That's basically it. A mod that makes food relevant in Minecraft. With a few mods you can easily have over 100 different foods, but they all do the same thing. You can eat berries, fish, chicken, bread, cake or just make a farm and eat your 200 stacks of bread. Nothing changes. Food in Minecraft is just a minor annoyance. I'd love to see a mod that makes it actually cool. Maybe little buffs or debuffs based on how varied your diet is? Or something?
  5. It was GregTech. Changing the folder made it work. Thanks!
  6. Not sure this is the place, but I'll use the thread I already created: http://pastebin.com/Ctpp9fmG Getting that. An identical setup with a Mindcrack base works perfectly. Same mods, same configs. Anyone have any idea of whats wrong with it?
  7. There's an issue I'm having: in order to have Forge work with Minecraft, I need to delete the vanilla META-INF and have only Forge's META-INF inside the JAR. How will Platform deal with this?
  8. But what about Forge? Is it installed by default? (that was my biggest concern)
  9. Send a C&D to their host? (The modpack hoster's host)
  10. Basically I have a fully-functioning client setup. What do I have to include in order to have it work? I take it I wouldn't need to include the minecraft.jar and its libs?
  11. I'd like to know it so I can see how things are coming along and such. Is there even a public place for that?
  12. Hey bro, I love your plugin, but I'm having an issue: everyone is able to bypass the block count limit. Any suggestions on what might be wrong?
  13. The pipes don't have anything to do with the lag. That's just telling me where rollbacked pipes are so I can make them non-invisible
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