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  1. Well I dont need more than 32x textures, which Forge already supports, but a handful of connected textures and random mobs are something I literally forgot weren't just built in already. Plus my texture pack seems to require custom colors, I guess I need a new texture pack too...
  2. i see...well I suppose I will have to choose...
  3. I have Tinker's Construct in my modpack so I can't add optifine, but I'd like to still have random mobs, connected textures and absolutely have to have custom colors because without it, I see little white pixels everywhere. I hope this hasnt been asked before because all the info I found is outdated. How do I setup MCPatcher's HD textures (if I need them), Custom Colors, Random Mobs, etc with the technic launcher ? MCPatcher no longer seems to have any options for me to specify the modpack jar, just minecrafts new launcher's profiles. Im using Forge build 953 and way too many mods (about 164). Any help is appreciated !
  4. Ok, so I'm sure this has been discussed somewhere but I cant find it. I want to take a look at the vast array of ways to make MC MJ and EU. I have my own modpack thats based on Tekkit Lite, but with RailCraft (and a zillion other mods). I am just curious, with Thermal Expansion, RailCrafts's steam Engines & Boilers, Lava Fabricators, Oil Fabricators, Solar, GeoThermal, Wind, Water and the Power Converters mod, the possibilities and just endless, where do I start ? I'd like to produce MJ and EU. Is a piece of coal better spent in a normal generator, a stirling Engine, a hobbyist steam engine, a small boiler, a low pressure 3x3 boiler, a high pressure 2x2 boiler ? Should I make EU with the turbine system or with Power Converters ? Should I fabricate lava for Geo-Gens ? Is there a spreadsheet somewhere for things like this ?
  5. Thanks for suggestiong minechem, I had never bothered to look at it before, its sort of a scientific take on EEs EMC system...well sort of. I am trying to understand it all, and basicly you break items down to their raw elements and then can use the elements to make different items ?
  6. what the...where on earth did that come from dude ? a mix of tekkit and Flans mods on a war server is kind of a dream I have, rival industrial fueled factions building planes and tanks to protect their mining operations, havent found it yet though. Funny you should post that here in a completely unrealated topic though
  7. IS the MineChem that uses UE different than MineChem 2 ? MineChem 2 uses BC MJ to run, my pack is built on Tekkit Lite, so I dont have UE, although I am thinking about learning it soon with Voltz
  8. My girlfriend is always whining to me that minecraft is mean and that I shouldnt have to hunt down and slaughter peaceful animals just for my own selfish needs. lol. Silly as it sounds, I feel a lil guilty doing it (when shes watching me anyway). I'm wondering if anyone knows of any mods that have alternative ways to get leather and feathers and etc. Save the chickens !!!
  9. I just wish people would actually describe their modpacks in the descriptions. lol. And maybe give a mod list. I guess you're right though, if there are no votes its probably a sign. I dont know why anyone would think people would download a pack who's description is only "A cool pack with alot of cool mods". Thanks though, I am trying some of the ones I finally found now
  10. Thanks, I have searched the browse modpacks area, but there's 1300+ pages with what like 10 on each page, I just thought maybe my fellow crafters might have a quick answer. Crazy as it sounds, I really thought I could possibly get a friendly response from someone who was already playing on a server with such specifics. I keep finding servers with descriptions like "my cool awesome best modpack ever" or "derp de derrrr". I guess I was just being lazy, I will keep looking.
  11. how am I shitting all over anything ? THIS unneccessary hostility really turns alot of people off to these forums, hence why I have hardly any posts at all. I shouldnt feel like I am walking on eggshells and be afraid and nervous to ask a simple question. Not to mention, if my post is so offenseive to you, why dont you take the few seconds it would take to give me a CONSTRUCTIVE answer so I dont need to make any more posts you may find to be "shitting all over the system", instead of a brown-nosey I <3 the admins BS answer. Im sure everyone who took the time to sign up for this site and download the launcher appreciates the unpaid slaving they have all done, but asking a question just doesnt seem like a slap in the face to them I dont think
  12. I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good server that has IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft,RedPower,Railcraft and Flans WW2 pack. I dont mind if there alot more Mods/Plugins I just cant seem to find all of these together. I just would like to play with some tanks, guns and planes while still having the favorite of my Tekkit Lite mods as a backdrop and resource gathering system. I can only imagine large industrialized mini-nations with missiles, tanks and planes protecting the quarries and what-not while foot soldiers fight to gain control of new land and even more resources to build more tanks and guns. Sorry, got a lil lost in my imagination of what I want in a server right now...Anyways I hope this is the right place to post this, and appreciate any suggestions.
  13. This is a great server, even though I'm not on alot anymore. But I recommend it to anyone looking to join a good custom server
  14. Username: Tadfitz Age: 28 Why Tekkitopia? Looking for a MATURE friendly server to stick with and play daily on Your secret code: 7Tad
  15. I have also made an extensive re-working of Doku for tekkit/Technic. Would you like to collaborate ?
  16. also, am I the only one who likes that simple Car Mod where u basicly have a off-track driveable minecart that runs on coal ? We could make a race track...lol...I am pretty sure its ported to bukkit lol. Just sayin...
  17. sorry, i see that now. She says the server says she need Tubestuff when she tries to log in. She cleared her cache and manually chose build 3.1.2, so...any ideas ? Its worked fine for me though
  18. I'm already whitelisted and ^ EvilTink's ^ my friend I want to play with ^ Plus she will get your server on her videos if its alright with you.
  19. i cleared my cache and chose build 3.1.1 and it says I am missing ccSensors, and 2 other mods.Any idea why ?
  20. I cant host my own yet, but I will someday. Until then I was hoping to find some friends to play tekkit with and a server that has: A build with weapon mod enabled, EE either disabled or usage reduced, preferably the Minecars plugin (or something like it ) and Iconomy (or something like it ). I just want to build a factory from scratch legitly (is that a word lol ) with some new friends !
  21. IGN - Tadfitz (call me Tad lol ) Age - 23 Have you ever been banned? Why? Nope Experience with Tekkit? Extensive, run my own custom modpack usually, love automating huge but legit systems Why do you want on the server? EE is very OP, tired of giant holes in the ocean where a 10 yr old OP played with the Volc. Amulet too much, ugly annoying and unfun. Whitelists weed out the people we all likely want to avoid, I just want balanced legit Tekkit survival with some humans to be on a team with so I have more than wolves and golems to talk to lol Lots of EE is disabled. Are you alright with this? YES
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